Uncle Hamid Goes to Makkah

I am a 183 days / 6 months & 3 days old baby

There was a couple of events yesterday that I forget to report. One, that uncle Hamid went to Makkah on Thursday morning from Bandara Juanda Airport Surabaya direct flight to Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Two, gramma (mom's mother) held haul-- anniversary of grand father (mom's father) KH Kamal Abdullah Mufid's death. It's the second haul.

On uncle Hamid --H Hamidurrohman Syuhud, dad's younger brother-- trip to Mecca I and mom did not join dad to Surabaya. It's only uncle Hamid's sibling (brothers and sisters) who went to Surabaya including aunt Lutfiyah Syuhud, Bisyaroh Syuhud, Amin Hasan Syuhud, Ja'far Sodiq Syuhud and two cousins: yuk Rohma (Wahbah Rohmaniyah Zuhri) and yuk Mam (Mamnuhah Zainal Ali).

Dad and ci's arrive home at around 11 am.

In the afternoon around 3 pm dad went to gramma's house at Kauman Kepanjen to attend the grandfather's haul rites including tahlilan, yasinan and pengajian ceramah agama (religious speech) by KH Imam Ma'ruf Kepanjen (Tanfidziyah MWC NU Kepanjen).

At the evening around 7 pm tahlilan and yasinan were held again for general invitee (the first one for alumnus only). Dad boringly attended both programs.

I meanwhile was sitting idle with mom at gramma's house.