Noordin Mohd Top The Most Wanted Terrorist Captured and Killed

I am a 184 days / 6 months & 4 days old baby

I am along with dad glued to the TV set watching the drama of special police force called Densus 88 who raid a home believed to be Noordin M Top hideout.

The police raid are so dramatic and take a long time, around 17 hours since yesterday 5 pm till today 10 am.

The police force finally succeed in killing the man in the house believed to be Noordin Mohammed Top.

Reports from newspapers:

"SUSPECTED terrorist mastermind Noordin Mohammed Top was believed to have been killed in a Central Java police raid today.

Indonesian police this afternoon were evacuating bodies from the house they had stormed, believing that the regional militant leader was hiding on the premises with several followers.

Indonesian news stations carried television footage of the raid, and quoted a police source as being "80 per cent certain" that Top had been in the house.

Top is suspected of having had a leading role in last month's attacks on the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels in the capital, Jakarta, which killed nine people, including three Australians.

The raid today broke a 17-hour siege of the house that had officers trading automatic weapons fire with the militants.

Indonesian anti-terror police made their first significant advance in the Jakarta bombing investigation last night, when they raided the house in the Central Java village.

A gun battle then raged around the house.

The raid was in Temanggung, near the provincial capital of Semarang, and in the same area where another man already linked to the bombs three weeks ago, Nur Said, grew up.

Detachment 88 anti-terror investigators were engaged in a prolonged gunbattle from around 5pm (8pm AEST) yesterday, after evacuating near neighbours first.

Since dawn this morning, at least five explosions had rocked the suspected hideout of the alleged terrorist mastermind, who is a Malaysian.

Police spokesman Nanan Sukarna said officers believed that the alleged militant leader and terror mastermind and two or three of his followers had been inside, but could not immediately confirm their fate.

Minutes after the raid, witnesses said officers outside the house took off their helmets and were shaking hands with each other, suggesting all those inside had either been killed or captured."[1]

Reuters also reports:

"Indonesian police have shot dead a man suspected to be fugitive Islamic militant Noordin Mohammad Top during raids in Central Java and were trying to identify his body, a police source said on Saturday.

Separately, police found five bombs during another raid on a house in Bekasi near the capital Jakarta, the source who is close to the investigation told Reuters."

It's of course the big and good news for all Indonesian including for all babies like me.

Terrorists and terrorism just make life of ordinary people miserable. They don't have any good purpose about what they are doing but destruction.

May God kill them all and destruct them to pieces. Amen.