Telkom Speedy is Dead Again

I am a 185 days / 6 months & 5 days old baby

It's becoming more embarassing by the day.

I reported a few days ago that our Telkom Speedy internet connection was dead because the Telkom cable was stolen.

The cable was replaced two days ago.

Now it's stolen again. The Telkom Speedy connection is dead again.

I don't know what to say. The thief should be in the deepest part of the hell.

He, I am sure the thief is a male, makes people lives miserable.

He makes his own lives and the lives of his family who eat from the unlawful money will be miserable if not horrible.

As a baby, I feel it's a lesson for me to learn: live a dignified lives with honesty, integrity, education and spirituality. That what dad says oftentimes.