Baby Diarrhea Four Times Bowel Movement a Day

I am a 181 days / 6 months & 1 day old baby

It's surprising and worrying to both dad and mom to see that I got diarrhea yesterday precisely when I should celebrate my six-month-of-age achievement.

It started at 3 am in the morning when I made first bowel movement (poop). Then the following two hours. Three times bowel movement in a span of one morning! To make it worst, the last two stools are in the form of liquid (lendir in Indonesian).

So, dad and mom rush me to pediatrician (bidan in Indonesian). First, bidan ibu Wahyu whose house is 100 meter away from my home. She's not there. We then went to Kepanjen to BKM (Balai Kesehatan Masyarakat) Muslimat at Jalan Sultan Agung near Warung Udin Kepanjen.

I was treated by a female pediatrician there and was given medicine ( a bottle of syrup ) to consume.

I made a bowel movement (the fourth time) at gramma's house (we went to gramma's house at 1 pm). But did not poop again after that.

The pediactrician says if a baby makes a bowel movement more than four times a day it's called diarrhea.

Strangely I feel nothing painful in my stomach that's why I did not cry. Mom, dad and gramma were wondering about this.

At 8 pm we went home. Sleeping happily with dad and mom without any further diarrhea.

I poop again only this morning. The stool still like liquid but it's only once. Am I cured? I hope so.

Dad & mom are happy. I am also happy and give the sweetest smile to both of them.