Six Months Baby Video

I am a 180 days / 6 months old baby

The six months milestone has finally come.

Another milestone worth celebrating not only by me, but my parents and gramma as well.

They are grateful to the facts that I've passed the critical moments (days, weeks & months) smoothly.

It's a thrilling and tense moments, dad and mom say, watching me grows day by day, week by week. And to reach this kind of six-month milestone is an experience they will never forget. And for that, they have already taped me in a video which should be posted below soon if not now. I am also very happy to have dad and mom so caring and loving. I can feel it. I can touch their feeling of happiness.

What a six month old baby means and what he can do?
This is what expert says:

What You Need To Know About Your Six-Month-Old Baby

# "Your infant will probably have given up middle of the night feedings by this age (although some breastfed infants continue to have a feeding in the middle of the night). If not, and your baby is gaining weight well, slowly reduce how much you are putting in the bottle each night and gradually stop this feeding all together.

# Your infant has probably doubled his birthweight by now.

# If using a pacifier, now is a good time to start restricting its use to only when your baby is in his crib, or giving it up all together.

# Now would be a good time to begin childproofing your home, before your child is too mobile.

# Although you can now use sunscreen on your baby, avoid too much sun exposure.

# The timing of when your baby's first tooth comes in can vary quite a bit.

# At the six-month checkup, you can expect a complete physical exam, a review of feeding and sleep schedules, measurement of your child's height, weight and head circumference, and immunizations, including DTaP, IPV, HepB (these three may be combined in the combo vaccine Pediarix), Hib, Prevnar, RotaTeq."[1]

Parenting and Behavioral

* "Encourage speech development by talking to your 6-month-old while dressing, bathing, feeding, playing, walking and driving.
* Begin playing social games such as pat-a-cake, peek-a-boo, so-big, etc.
* Begin to set some limits for future discipline by using distraction, reducing stimulation and establishing routines.
* Establish a bedtime routine and other habits to discourage night awakening. Make sure your baby has learned self-soothing techniques by providing your child with the same transitional object, such as a stuffed animal, "special" blanket or favorite toy.
* Encourage play with age-appropriate toys. Babies like to bounce, swing, reach for you, pick up and drop objects, and bang things together. Unbreakable household objects such as plastic measuring cups, large wooden spoons, pots, pans and plastic containers make great toys.
* Shoes are not necessary at this age except for show and to keep their feet warm."


* "Begins to speak single (hard) consonants, like "dada" (sorry mom!).
* Rolls over both ways (front to back and back to front).
* The baby will begin to look for a toy dropped out of sight.
* Has no head lag when pulled to a sitting position.
* Begins to "tripod" (sits with one hand on the ground for support) and soon will begin to sit without support.
* Continues to grasp and mouth objects, but now can transfer small objects from one hand to another.
* Six-month-old babies begin to rake at small objects but cannot pick them up yet because their finger coordination is not yet precise enough.
* Shows displeasure with loss of a toy.
* Is able to recognize each parent and may even begin to show some stranger anxiety.
* Makes attempts to feed himself or herself.
* Smiles, laughs, squeals and begins to imitate sounds.
* Can be content in a playpen for a while playing with one or two toys.
* Can bear weight on his or her legs when held in a standing position (no, it will not make him or her bowlegged).
* May develop one or more teeth by the 9-month checkup. Don't worry if teething is delayed, as every child has his or her own timetable for teething. The process of getting teeth can be difficult or easy and there is no reason why one baby frets and drools during tooth eruption and another sails through it without a whimper. Ask your baby's doctor what you can do if teething gives your little one a problem."[3]

Watch my Six-month-video appearance

[as we experience outage on my Telkom Speedy high-speed internet connection, I will post the video once it's able to connect again.]

Update: 06 Aug 2009. The video is posted today.


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