Baby Six Months One Week Old Development

I am a 188 days / 6 months, 1 week & 1 day old baby

As you know, I've just 'celebrated' my six month old baby milestone a week ago.

I wonder what I've achieved as a baby during this six month of life. I try to figure out some achievement I've probably attained as a baby. I could'nt notice the details, but here are some big improvement:

First, I can do a tummy time almost by myself, unassisted and with longer time.

Second, I start crawling a little. Well, it's not fit to be called a crawling, just trying to move my leg around unlike before.

Third, I can sit down with more firm neck. Yet, I still need some help from mom and dad to do it.

Fourth, I am more attached to mom. I cry whenever mom leaves me.

Fifth, I can laugh more easily unlike before.

Sixth, I like rolling over. Still hard to place my hand on the right place though.

Now, let's see what experts have to say about babies my ages i.e. six month first week. Here's from

What baby can do:

* Express excitement by squealing and laughing and anger by screaming
* Sit up when you hold his hands
* Show a lot of interest in what is going on around him
* Keep himself busy with his own company
* Push himself along by kicking (probably backwards first) as he is unable to crawl yet
* Grasp objects and pass them from one hand to another
* Respond to her name
* Pull long hair! (Beware!)
* Become wary of strangers quite unlike the friendly baby he was before
* Become very talkative babbling something or the other all the time
* May be able to sit in a high-chair

What parents can do:

* Don't help him too much when he gets frustrated with his inability to be mobile and get things he wants
* Put toys just outside his reach so that he has to move around to get them
* Give him more toys so that he reaches out to them with both hands
* As always, shake the rattle before offering it to him as he will try and shake the rattle in a similar fashion
* By this time your baby's eyes should move together in unison. If they don't, you must consult a specialist
* Read books to him especially ones with big pictures. Soon he will be able to understand it all
* Play clapping games as he loves to see and hear you clap

Photo: I am with Mas Daud and Mas Bessam