CDMA Smart Unlimited Internet Connection

I am a 188 days / 6 months, 1 week & 1 day old baby

Since I reported the Telkom cable theft four days ago which means I could'nt use Telkom Speedy internet connection, dad uses the alternatives: CDMA Smart Unlimited internet connection.

CDMA Smart is good with strong signal even from my home whose relatively far away from Smart BTS (5 or 7 km).

Dad can browse well with CDMA Smart. We use cellphone Haier as modem with free cable data from Smart.

That CDMA Smart has a good signal and a good internet connection is unexpected. Dad bought it seven months ago simply because it's cheap (around IDR 300,000 or USD 30) with complete package i.e. cellphone HAIER with cable data, pre-paid CDMA number, and six-month free internet with 1 GB.

It turns out to be the faviour for dad whose primary internet connection (Telkom Speedy) experience cable theft all the time (almost more than once a month).

Smart now opens unlimited internet connection package with various scheme from regular, silver, gold, platinum and ultimate with price ranging from IDR 60,000 to 225,000 / month. For more detail you can visit its website at

I think dad should consider using CDMA SMART UNLIMITED as primary backup and remove the useless Kartu Halo Telkom Flash Unlimited altogeter.

If you stay a bit far away from any cellphone BTS -- more than five km -- dad recommends you to use SMART internet connection.