One Day Away from Six Month Milestone

I am a 179 days / 5 months 4 weeks 2 day old baby

I'm thrilled to know that tomorrow I'll be facing another important phase of my life: I'll be a six month old baby.

I come to know this surprising news when mom whispers to me about it. I am really looking forward to that day tomorrow when I reach one of important hallmark a newborn baby like me will pass through.

Six month is important because it separate between previous six month that represents a weak and fragile baby and the next six month that symbolizes a bit easier way to face for me in particular and for closest people surround me: dad and mom.

I don't know what kind of celebration I will have tomorrow. One thing for sure, dad doesn't like a brouhaha celebration--we are not celebrities he many times says.

I guess dad just will record my movement with handy-cam and/or take my pictures to remember the day when I start stepping into another history of mortality.