Telkom Cable Stolen, Speedy Internet is Dead Again

I am a 180 days / 6 months old baby

The Telkom cable theft happens yet again after a couple of convenient weeks. This means the Telkom Speedy internet connection, our primary internet connection, is dead again.

Fortunately this time, dad has two back-up connection. One is Smart (of Sinar Mas Group) and another is Telkomsel Flash, a cellular version of Telkom state-owned (BUMN) company.

While Telkomsel can be used only in Gramma's house meaning the 3G signal can only cover around 3 km from BTS (our home 5 km from the nearest BTS).

Smart telcom connection, however, can connect well from my home. The price surprisingly is cheaper. You gotta pay IDR 50,000 (fifty thousand) for one month with unlimited bandwith.

So, if Smart telcom internet keep this good connection, dad may cancel his subscription to Telkomsel Flash forever.

Last but not the least, thanks to uncle Ja'far Syuhud who tells dad about the dad's Smart cable data problem.

Hey, I am a six month old baby now. I'll write a special post on this later.