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I am a 218 days / 7 months 1 week & 1 day old baby

There are at least two eye problems in newborns including matting or a green discharge and blocked tear ducts (dacryostenosis)

Green eye discharge usually associated with conjunctivitis, an eye discharge is the excretion of any substance other than tears.

It is suggestive of pus in the eye of which bacterial conjuncitivitis may be one of the causes. Pus that forms on the eye appears yellow or green.[1]

Blocked tear ducts, or dacryostenosis, is a very common condition of newborn infants, occurring in about 1 in 20 babies born. Technically speaking, dacryostenosis refers to blockage of the drainage system that carries tears away from the eye as they are formed.

Normally tears flow out of the eye through the tiny pores easily visible in the corners of the eyelids nearest the nose. Tears normally drain through the tear ducts into the nose, which explains why one sniffs at a sad movie. The blockage may be temporary, caused by old mucus and debris in the duct; or it may be more permanent, caused by narrowing of the duct or actual blockage. True physical blockage is caused by the failure of a proper channel to form in a little flap of tissue that lies right at the end of the duct where it empties into the nose.[2]

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