Baby Photo with Cousin: Mas Syidan

I am a 235 days / 7 months 3 weeks & 4 days old baby
A part of baby photos with cousin series

His name is Muhammad Azka Mursyidan Kan bin Badrul Munib. He's an 8 year of age and is a son of Mr. Ustadz Badrul Munib and Ms. Alvi Hidayati who run Pondok Pesantren Putri Al-Kamaliyah Kauman Kepanjen Malang.

Syidan, so we call him, therefore is my cousin since aunty Alvi Hidayati is mom's elder sister and for that I call him Mas Syidan (elder brother Syidan).

Syidan is the second son of aunt Alvi and is a cute and handsome boy. He's got a nice attitude as well. I'd love to make friend with him four years from now.

These are my photos with him.