Farzan Social Networks

I am a 234 days / 7 months 3 weeks & 3 days old baby

It's a social networks era, you know. Even a baby like me should be connected with his counterpart babies around the world.

So, to stay connected with global babies and so that they are able to connect with me, I sign-up to several networking services to make it easy for everyone, babies and adults alike, to connect with me.

These are the lists of social notworking services I follow. Please add me as your networks even if you are a grown-ups. Who knows I am of beneficial for your future babies. :)

1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. Friendfeed

4. MyBlogLog

5. Digg

6. Blogcatalog

7. MySpace

8. Metacafe

9. Google Profile

10. Profile

11. Multiply

farzan esfandiar sevent months baby