Celebrating Idul Fitri 2009 AD / 1430 AH

I am a 226 days / 7 months 2 weeks & 2 days old baby

For the first time in my life I celebrate Idul Fitri or hari raya lebaran.

Last time today, I was still in my mother's womb, so let's say I celebrated last year's Idul Fitri from there if you'd like to call it celebration.

I am so happy that mom bought me a Muslim clothes for this event. Yes, dad saya that for many children, Idul Fitri symbolized by wearing new clothes while praying in the mosque with their parents. And I am wearing one today.

Mom obvserves Eid ul Fitr with female counterparts while dad in the mosque for men.

Many adult people kiss me call me so funny with this clothes. Mom is so happy with the praise because it's she who selected the clothes for me.

So, to all Muslim babies around the world let me say "Happy Idul Fitri" for you all. Tell me how you celebrate this occasion.

Photos of Farzan during hari raya lebaran Idul Fitri 20 September 2009 / 1 Shawal 1430 Hijriyah