Baby Got Cold

Baby Got Cold

I am a 225 days / 7 months 2 weeks & 1 day old baby

Since the early morning, probably from 2 a.m. I got cold. It's so bad. The mucus flowing from my nose so smoothly. Dad and mom are busy remove it with tissue. They are also passionately caressing me.

I feel uncomfortable with this cold that's why I crying every now and then and hard to sleep.

Dad asks mom to bring me to pediatrician nearby named Bu Wahyu, 100 m from home.

After having bath, mom brings me there and after diagnosing that my cold is only an ordinary cold, not the dangerous flu, Bu Wahyu gives me two syrup. One for antibiotic and another for my cold. To be consumed 3 times a day. One tea spoon each.

After the first time consuming two spoons of those medicine I fall asleep. Wish me well soon because I wanted to celebrate hari raya lebaran tomorrow along with others.


How can I tell if he has a cold and not the flu or some other illness, or even allergies?

It can be tricky. If your baby has a cold, he might have a runny nose with clear mucus that may thicken and turn gray or yellow or green over the next week or so. He might have a cough or a low-grade fever.[1]

Prevention Steps


To reduce your baby’s risk of getting a cold:

*Breastfeed your baby if possible, as long as possible. Breast milk provides your baby with antibodies, which are important for fighting infection and strengthening baby’s immune system.

*Wash your hands. Make sure everyone in the household washes their hands frequently. If small children are unable to wash their own hands, do it for them. Use plenty of soap and water, and dry thoroughly to prevent chapping.

*Avoid second-hand smoke, which can increase susceptibility to illness, aggravate cold symptoms, and damage lungs.

*Avoid contact with people who are sick, and wash hands thoroughly after any exposure.[2]