Baby Massage from Masseur Pak Giman

I am a 224 days / 7 months & 2 weeks old baby

Around 7.30 am in the morning we go to Ngipik, Kanigoro, Gondanglegi (Malang) to Pak Giman's house. As planned yesterday, I wanted to get massage again on my left-shoulder from him. He's a good masseur, Mas Bessam said, compared to another masseur called Paitun, Brongkal (near Mbak Pardi's house as mom said), Gondanglegi.

Pak Giman stands up when we arrive. Dad is having chat with him for a little while before dad request him to start massaging me.

It's a painful massage actually. So, I cried all the time during the process. But I feel a bit comfy after that.

I even eat enjoyfully the biscuit Pak Giman's wife give me.

I hope I'll get well soon.