Left Shoulder Painful

I am a 223 days / 7 months 1 week & 6 days old baby

I feel so painful on my left shoulder 2 days after the falling from bed accident.

Aunt Juwairiyah told mom that my left shoulder a bit swollen.

I need another massage from Pak Giman Ngipik, kanigoro I think. Gramma also advised mom and dad likewise.

But this time mom is a bit busy. We go to gramma's house, to Pasar Kepanjen (Malang) for buying foods and to Gondanglegi in the afternoon for buying juices (melon, water-melon, apple, etc for iftar).

So, there's no time obviously to bring me to the masseur Pak Giman today.

Well, may be tommorrow morning. I hope this will not bring my swollen left-shoulder become worse.