I Feel Better Today

This morning I feel a little better.

The fever I suffered since two days ago is almost gone. That's why I could sleep well tonight.

It's a long night for me and people around me (dad, mom and the two baby sitters) these past two days. As I feel hard to sleep and not to cry, they also awake along with me.

I hope I can be a better baby in the days to come.

I am a nine months old baby, you know. I think I should be prepared to behave more like the grown-up.

Anyway, I forget to tell you that I have been brought to pediatrician twice. The first, she gave me two medicines. As the fever was still there, mom brought me to her again the following day and gave me two other bottles of medicine.

The pediatrician also confirmed that I got no dengue.

About Me:
I am a 273 days / 9 months, 1 days old baby