Nine Months Baby

Well, I am a nine months old baby now as I was born nine months ago this day.

The celebration this time around is distracted a little bit by the fact that I got fever since two days ago.

That's why dad and mom's energy and attention are focused on how to make me well again.

They seem forget that even when I am sick, I want the milestone to be celebrated no matter what!

Ok, I forgive them. Nonetheless, they are not only busy and tired in taking care of me who keep crying all the time.

They are also so worried that I got not only fever; they are worried that my incessant cry is due to something else.

They hope not. I also hope not.

Forget about dad and mom celebrate my 9 months benchmark. Let me celebrate it myself this time.

Thank you for your well-wishing visit.

About Me:
I am a 271 days / 9 months days old baby