I Got Fever

As I mentioned earlier on my body was so hot a day after the Taman Safari trip. Mom was so scared when she touched my hand, my leg, my cheek; all are hot.

And when mom brought me to Bu Wahyu, the pediatrician has confirmed that I got fever.

What has caused this fever?

According to this article, some factors may cause fever:

Dehydration is one. Or the infant might be over-bundled with clothes in a relatively warm environment­ - the rule of thumb is to dress your baby in just one more layer of clothing than you are comfortable in.[1]

A temperature reading isn't the only indication of whether a fever is serious. Your baby's age is a factor (fever is more serious in babies under 3 months)..

About Me:
I am a 270 days / 8 months, 4 weeks & 2 days old baby