High Fever in Children

Diarrhea has caused me suffered from high fever followed up by unconsciousness. Twice I suffered from this, as far as I can recall. Both occurred when my body temperature has reached around 39 plus (39.5 or something). Unconscriousness due to high fever can cause brain damage. So, you need to consult your doctor to avoid that.

How to give the first aid to such high fever here's some advices

Bring down the Fever

1. Cold sponging of the body and head is of paramount importance in small children as they can get convulsions (fits) during high fever.

2. During high fever, remove the clothes and starts sponging the body with cold water. Put a napkin soaked in cold water on the forehead every five minutes. Sponge the arms, front of chest, abdomen and back frequently.

4. You can keep the fan running while sponging, if required. Add eau de cologne or alcohol to the sponging water if possible.

Note: Ice cold water can be used for the sponging of the head. Do not apply ice cold water to large areas of the body and the abdomen, as it may cause chills and discomfort to the child.

5. One tablet of Paracetamol can be taken every 3-4 hours till the temperature comes down. In children (1-5 years) Paracetamol Syrup, two teaspoonfuls every 3-4 hours can be given safely. In very small children ½ teaspoonful or 8-10 drops of Paracetamol should be given.

6. Do not cover the patient with heavy blanks or put on too many clothes during high fever. One bed sheet over a shirt is enough.

7. Give plenty of cold water sips and fresh water to the toddler during high fever, It will help to bring down the temperature very fast.

Note: If you do not give water to the child the temperature will not come down in spite of the best medicines.

8. Noting the temperature every 5-10 minutes is useless. Every half an hour is ideal during high fever.[1]

High Fever baby

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