Six Days in Two Hospitals for Diarrhea

I have a very adventurous experience not many babies do. Nor did my parents: staying in two different hospitals for six days when my age was barely three years; two years and half to be exact. The reason being the diarrhea and fever I was suffering.

The first three days-- from Tuesday, 12-14 July 2011-- I spent in Badan Kesehatan Masyarakat (BKM) Muslimat in Kepanjen, Malang. While the remaining days--14 to 17 July 2011-- I spent at RSIA (Rumah Sakit Ibu Anak) Melati Husada in Jalan Kawi, Malang.

Fourtunately, all end up well for me and parents. I recovered fully. I feel good this time. Dad and mom feel happy too. Sister Kanza is feeling okay this time around too. Thanks for everyone who helps me with whatever they can: with prayer or a helping hand in time of needs.

baby diarrhea

Picture: Me with sister Kanza are busy Gardening