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Farzan Facebook Pages and Photos

Farzan Facebook Pages and Photos

I have created a Facebook page which is located at

I also store a collection of my photos, including the latest ones, out there.

The reason why I store photos there, instead of on Flickr or Picassa, because the loading is so fast in Facebook. It's so compatible with the slow internet connection I have. And more important, storing photos on Facebook pages is accessible for everyone even if they are not a FB's users.

In Facebook I can upload one folder of 100 photos at once with slow internet connection. You cannot do that on other free photo store like Flickr or Picassa.

If you're interested the latest photos of me and sister Kanza, you may directly go to this link:!/farzansyuhud?sk=photos

Oh by the way, I also store dad's photos there sometimes.
Farzan Facebook Pages and Photos

Here are some photos taken in March 2012. Of course Dad did the job done

Holy Month of Ramadan 2011

Today is the first day of holy month Ramadan. Dad, mom, and the two mbaks (Nur and Ilul) are all fasting; meaning they are not eating nor drining from dawn to sunset. Actually I'd love to be with them fasting all day, but dad and mom don't allow me to do that. Adik Kanza is also too litle a kid to fast.

So, it's the third time in my lifetime I see Ramadan holy month. Though I cannot figure out fully why people surround me are so happy because of this month, I simply feel happy too. Happiness, dad says, is contagious. Just like sadness. It makes you happy whenever see people happy.