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Febrile Convulsion Baby

Just for your information, I had suffered from a febrile convulsion twice. One when I was just over one year old baby. And second, just a few weeks back when I also got diarrhea. And that took place whenever my fever reached over 39 C. Dad and mom are confused whenever they see me in such situation.

Febrile Convulsion [pronounced: fi:brail kenvalsyen] is also called Fits (Bahasa Indonesia, sawan, step or kejang)

Febrile convulsions are seizures (sometimes known as fits) that occur in a child with a high fever of over 39°C (102.2°F). These most typically occur during the early stages of a viral infection such as a respiratory infection, while the temperature is rising rapidly.

High Fever in Children

Diarrhea has caused me suffered from high fever followed up by unconsciousness. Twice I suffered from this, as far as I can recall. Both occurred when my body temperature has reached around 39 plus (39.5 or something). Unconscriousness due to high fever can cause brain damage. So, you need to consult your doctor to avoid that.

How to give the first aid to such high fever here's some advices

Bring down the Fever

Six Days in Two Hospitals for Diarrhea

I have a very adventurous experience not many babies do. Nor did my parents: staying in two different hospitals for six days when my age was barely three years; two years and half to be exact. The reason being the diarrhea and fever I was suffering.

The first three days-- from Tuesday, 12-14 July 2011-- I spent in Badan Kesehatan Masyarakat (BKM) Muslimat in Kepanjen, Malang. While the remaining days--14 to 17 July 2011-- I spent at RSIA (Rumah Sakit Ibu Anak) Melati Husada in Jalan Kawi, Malang.