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Day Twenty Five

Mum was so happy for my as last night I didn't distract her sleep too much. I only awoke twice to breastfeed and peed. And that only took several minutes to make me fall asleep again.

Mum praised me again in the morning for the last night good deed. I try to do it again tonight if nothing distract me in between

Day Twenty Four

Mom looks happier than usual, since Aunt Suffa came yesterday and stay for one night along with cousin Najah. Mum seems forget her uncomfiness towards me who keep distracting her by my cry, my pee and poop, my need of change clothes, etc.

Also, Aunt Mila (uncle Udin's wife) presence around makes mum feel more crowdy and hence happier because they all can help mum to take care of me either by have me to bath or change my clothes.

Good to see that. I'm a bit worried seeing mum look suffering because of my continuing un-grown-up acts. On second thought, I hope mum understand the difficulties of having a third week baby.

Day Twenty Three

I am so sorry to Mum, especially. Since last night I simply couldn't sleep and hence resulted in wake Mum up all night. To make matter worse, in the morning things happen again: I couldn't sleep well. Pooped a couple of times and peed several times. Make Mum dan Dad busy clean me up time and again.

Sorry Mum and Dad.

Day Twenty Two

In the morning, mom complains to dad about me who stayed up almost the whole night and forced mom to breastfeed me, clean me up, change my clothes over and over.

She also told dad, that she could not sleep in the afternoon because I cry again and again.

Well, I'm just sorry mom and dad. Actually, I wanted to say something. The problem is I could not speak. I'm looking forward to a moment, probably two years from now, where I am able to talk. At that time, I'll express my apology and gratefulness to mom, dad and gramma.

Day Twenty One

Actually, today is supposed to be the last day for me in my gramma's house and moving to my house in Karangsuko. But dad says the things are not yet done. So, we should be patient for more days to come to be still at gramma's house.

This day goes by as usual. Sun-bathing in the morning after having bath and clothes changes. Mom breastfeeds me and at around 9 am Dad will leave for Karangsuko (our house) to do his jobs outthere. By the way, dad miss car key and forget where he puts it. After several minutes of searching (all of us, gramma, mom, dad, uncle Munib) the car key is found in the sleeping room. Dad still have time to poop before finally found it.

Day Twenty

I am a bit difficult to sleep last night. More than usual. I dont know why.

Mom thinks I miss dad. Dad was not with us last night. He went to Kediri (Pesantren Lirboyo) for Uncle Hamid wedding party.

Maybe yes, may be no. The fact is the following day after Dad comes to my side at about 3 pm, I feel comfy to sleep till 6 pm.

Do I really miss dad or mom who did and contagious to me?

Day Nineteen

Last night was a very hot night. Dad says it because the rain is not falling down these past few days here. That's why I feel continuously thirsty and hot. I cry for mom to breastfeed me. And cry once more to everyone (mom, dad, gramma) to undo the blanket that wrapped me up so tightly. Unfortunately, they seem dont understand until very early morning.

But that's ok. In the morning, around 4 am, I felt asleep. I am not aware when dad kisses me to say good bye (he's going to leave for Kediri along with the whole family for uncle Hamid's wedding party).

Baby Sign Language

Dad finds this interesting article about newborn baby development like me which says

Your baby will start talking at around 2 years old, but she can actually communicate with you using her hands much earlier than that - as early as 6 months old! Imagine your baby being able to share with you that he needs a diaper change or would like some milk, or that his tummy aches using sign language instead of fussing, crying, and whining.

Dad seems eager to communicate with me. I just don't think that far right now. So far as mom is able to breastfeed me, the world is fine with me.

Day Eighteen

Still awoke every two hours to breastfeed, poop and pee last night. Making mom busy the most while dad just awoke twice. It seems mom suffers more than dad on this regards. Gramma, meanwhile, slept well. She now trusts mom (and dad) can handle my situation and take care of me the whole night and day except when it's time for me to take a bath in which case it's gramma who help me.

Actually I'd like to tell both mom and dad that I want to do everything with my own hand and feet. The fact is I just can't do that. I can't even speak. Just cry and cry.

I hope I'll be more independent in the months and years to come. For those who just visit this blog, I'm just an eighteen-day old new-born baby. Yes, eighteen day.

Day Seventeen

The most important thing worth noting today is that Dad does mom's job: changing my diaper and other clothes.

Also he seems casual in cleaning me up after I pooped and peed.

My dad looks more fatherly behave today.

Oh, today is I am a seventeen-day old baby.

Actually I want to put my picture in this blog, but dad always forgets to upload it to our pc. I hope, he don't forget again tomorrow.

Day Sixteen

Uncle Hamid who just arrived from Mecca, Saudi Arabia, visited me. Wonder, he carries me better than dad does.

Dad says that he will get married soon. I don't know what "married" is. I just wanted to wish him luck whatever good he's doing.

Btw, mom now is able to do what gramma usually does: taking care of me, changing my diaper and other clothes etc. Dad looks happy seeing that.

Day Fifteen

Still hard to sleep after midnight. Pooped and peed several times made mum and dad awake all night. This is the third day I count this suffering happens.

In the morning today, I fall asleep after sunbathing with mom and dad as usual. Dad says my yellow eyes starts to disappear. He's happy for that. Dad suspect it's jaundice the assumption which is refuted by gramma and mom.

Baby Glossary

Baby Clothes

Bed Gown
A long shapeless gown, open down the front, worn by babies was called a bed gown. They might be made of a variety of fabrics, especially prints, and might be pinned or tied.

Blanket Robe
A robe blanket was a garment without sleeves, but shaped through the bodice. Usually of a light wool, bound with ribbon and was wrapped about the baby for warmth. Generally it was worn beneath the gown.

"Breeching" was the time at which a young boy (age four to seven years old) would be taken out of his child's gown and stays and given his first pair of breeches (adult clothing). Sometimes a party would be given to celebrate the end of his childhood.

Child's Gown
A back-fastening gown was worn by girls until about age twelve or fourteen, and by boys until breeched at age four to seven years. The gown most often resembled a woman's but those worn by boys sometimes resembled men's coats and would button center front.

Referred to today as a diaper, in the 18th century the clout was made of linen diaper fabric and was either pinned with straight pins or tied with tapes.

Infant's Shift
A miniature of the adult shift was worn by children (both boys and girls) as the undermost garment. Made in a variety of white linens, they were cut and constructed from rectangles and squares.

Infant's Shirt
A loose fitting T-shaped garment worn by babies, its length only to the waist and open down the front. Constructed of rectangles and squares in plain linen, it could be pinned or tied. Some might be trimmed with lace.

Leading Strings Bands
Toddlers' gowns often had cords or strips of fabric sewn to the shoulder, which were used by adults to guide and prevent the child from falling. They might be used on older girls' gown as a symbol of their need for parental guidance; replaced by leading reins in the 19th century.

Over Cap
A fancier cap was put over the under cap. These were more fashionable and also provided extra warmth and protection.

Pilch or Pilcher
A cover of fulled wool used over the clout for further protection was referred to as a pilch.

Pudding Cap
A padded cap was tied on the head of a child learning to walk. It protected the child's brain when it fell and hit its head. There was a belief that if the head was hit it would be permanently soft, and falling frequently could lead to the brain turning mushy like pudding. Toddlers were often and lovingly referred to as "little pudding heads."

Skeleton Suit (1780-1820)
A small boy's suit with the trousers buttoned onto the waist of the jacket or waistcoat was known as a skeleton suit. It was usually high-waisted and tight fitting.

Stays were worn by children, both boys and girls, from the age of 18 months or when they were walking well. The first stays a child wore were "soft" or lightly boned and were never tightly laced. Stays were intended to support and round the soft rib cage. By two or a little older, the stays would be of a heavy linen, boned with pack thread, reeds, wooden splints, or baleen. These stays fostered good posture. Again, the lacing would be gently firm and not cinch or pinch. Boys wore them to age four to seven years old; girls for the rest of their lives. (See also Woman's Clothing-Stays)

A "bellyband" of strong fabric wrapped around the baby's body to support the abdomen and suppress the navel, a surcingle was often satin covered.

Swaddling Clothes
Clothing and strips of fabric were wrapped about a baby to hold its arms and legs immobile, straightening and strengthening the body. A practice from Roman times, swaddling began to disappear in the early 1700s, but remained a practice in some countries until the 1920s.

Under Cap
A plain cap was worn next to the young baby's head to help protect it from drafts.

Cluster feeding
Lactation consultants

Baby Day Fourteen

Getting older by the day. Now I am 14 day-old baby. Mom says I look healthy. The last check up, my weigh 3.6 kg, up by 2 kg from the previous check up. My cheek look chubbier.

That's said, I still feel uncomfortable with the vaccine. It's the second day I couldn't sleep from midnight till morning making me unhappy because it distract the sleep of people around me too--mom, gramma and dads.

But out of her heavy love to me, mom is so patient in treating me so well. So blessed to have such loving mom.

Meanwhile, Gramma still cure my eye ache every morning using the medicine given by the pediatrician. I have also a half-hour sun-bathing this morning with mom and dad.

Day Thirteen: the Vaccine Made Me Hard to Sleep

The effect of immunisation I took yesterday in the pediatrician house made me barely able to sleep at night. From mid night I woke up until right through the morning today. The problem is I am not alone. Mom and gramma were forced to be awake all night along with me too. When I am on the sleep, I entertain myself by mom's breastfeeding and that made me urinating again and again. Gramma and mom had to change my clothes more five times! Dad simply sleep last night.

Only in the morning, after taking the breastfeeding for my breakfast, I could sleep well. While mom is not allowed to sleep in the morning until 12 noon by her pediatrician. I dont know the reason.

Day Twelve: Going for Immunization

Going to pediatrician with mom, dad and gramma for immunisation. Take only a few seconds. Mom was so scared. She worried a lot about me. But I just don't care. I dont cry. Well, just crying a bit, a few second.

It turns out, having injection is not a big deal. Mom and gramma are so happy about it. Dad took picture of pediatrician home where I was born. "To remind Farzan of a place where he's born." Said dad to mom. Well, I agree with that. I really want to see the picture once I am capable of doing it.

Day Eleven: Eye Ache

Last night my left eye seems get irritated. Dad suggest to bring me to pediatrician. Mom and gramma, however, insist to go on Sunday (tomorrow) besides to heal the eye ache also for regular check up. For the time being, gramma asks mom to cure my sicken eye with mom's breast milk. Thanks God it feels better now.

Traditional medicine sometimes works!

First Week of Baby Development

Since I was born ten days ago, Dad regularly reads any info concerning new baby born like me on the internet. There are plenty of information outthere regarding day to day development. Here's for example the baby development during the first week:

Developmental Milestones*

During the first two weeks of life, your baby won’t be doing much except sleeping. In the few minutes of him being awake, you may notice that your baby seems to be able to focus on your face a bit more than before. You may also notice that your baby is trying to lift his head more frequently during tummy time, actually getting it off the floor for several seconds at a time. If your baby isn’t quite accomplishing these tasks yet, he should be by the end of the first month!

Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord

During the first two weeks one of your jobs when changing your baby’s diaper will be taking care of his umbilical cord. Some doctors suggest patting it dry, while others suggest using alcohol swabs to keep it dry and germ-free. As you keep it clean, your will notice the umbilical cord starting to dry up, shrink and fall off. While it looks bad, and may smell bad, it is a natural process. Once it falls off, there might be a tiny spot of bloody puss, which will probably heal on its’ own within a couple of days.

Day Ten: Putting Adsense

This month has been the cloudy and rainy days in my place. Fortunately there's still half an hour time to bask in the sun in the morning along with my mom and dad.

By the way, Dad insists I should put Adsense in my blog. Though I am a bit disagree with Dad's idea I finally budge. I also think so far it's not distracting my baby friend who come to this blog, why object? Who knows it may help me out to fund my school fees when it's time to go to school without asking Dad and Mom's assistance.

So, now it's the ten days as a baby for me. I dont know what to say whether I should be happy or not. The thing is life must go on. Don't you agree?

Actually, to say I'm unhappy is overstatement. As I said earlier, my coming make parents so happy so is my gramma, aunts, uncles and cousins. That's more than enough to make you feel happier. I do.

Day Nine: Umbilical Cord is Gone

The important thing to report today is that yesterday afternoon when gramma took me to bath, my Umbilical Cord (tali pusar) has gone, falls off; detached to be precise. This makes my life a lot easier. People say, it's common among babies my age. The Umbilical Cord, the residue the doctor left during the day one I was born, will be gone within a week or ten days maximum. Mom and gramma are happy with this development and for that gramma celebrates it by making special porridge (made from sticky rice) mixed with coconut milk and distributed among neighbours. This is a javanese custom where mom belongs.

This is an info about umbilical cord:

During the first two weeks one of your jobs when changing your baby’s diaper will be taking care of his umbilical cord. Some doctors suggest patting it dry, while others suggest using alcohol swabs to keep it dry and germ-free. As you keep it clean, your will notice the umbilical cord starting to dry up, shrink and fall off.

Now, I am crying less and less. Making mom, gramma and dad sleep more and more.

The baby navel picture below is not mine, I'm telling you.

Day Eight

As I said yesterday, I am no longer disturbing mom and gramma too much at night. The reason according to mom is because mom and gramma accompany me sleep beside me. Mom on my left, gramma on my right side. That's why, mom says, I sleep more comfortably unlike when I was placed on the baby box days before.

I dont know if it's true. The fact is since yesterday and last night I woke up, and woke mom, gramma and dad up, only once. That's at 3 o'clock in the morning for regular "activities" ie. urinating, fedecating, drinking and changing clothes.

All in all, all people who take care of me feel happy.

One thing I feel unfortunate today, the weather is cloudy in the morning. So, I am unable to bask in the sun this morning along with mom and gramma as usual. Hope tomorrow there'll be sunshine again.

Day Seven

Days went by so quickly. Now, I'm a seven day old baby. I'm grateful to God who makes my seven-day presence in this world excites everyone around. Mom and dad are so happy. Gramma is happy too even if my existence make her life busier to have bathed me twice everyday; take care of me whenever my mom is still unable to do a particular job; clean up my clothes etc. She's done that with excitement and without any complain.

Last night, my dad went to doctor's home to take my medicine for my diarrhea I've suffered for the last three days and got even worse last night. Of course, it's mom who'd consume the drug on my behalf. And today, the diarrhea is gone. The flu, however, is still there a bit.

I woke up only once last night making mom, dad and gramma happy. In the morning, mom have me sun-bathed. It become my routine these last couple of days. On 8 o'clock, gramma sun-bath me again. Feeling so warm and healthy today.

Oh one more thing, people are busy arguing whether I'm like my mom or my dad. Gramma always insists I like both of them. Fair enough I guess. Dad seems enjoying the farzan-like-whom contentious debates.

Day Six

Last night I woke up several times as usual. Urinating twice and fedecating once. Mom breastfed me for a couple of hours until I couldn't cry anymore.

This morning we plan to go to doctor for checkup, but the nurse said the doctor will be available only in the evening. So, I use this opportunity to sleep well.

The flu has gone. Also, from yesterday I start a new habit: sun-bathe every morning. Mom says the cause of my yellow eyes is because the lack of this.

I feel warm with the sun. Still I need milk more..

Baby Blogroll

If you're a baby like me and are having a blog, you may blogroll me. Put my link in your blog and I'll give you a backlink too.

Requirements: Your age should be below five year old.

I just want to trade link with blogs which is in my niches.

Day Five

Still got flu. Gramma and mom are busy to find out what causes me got the flu. They finally conclude possibly it because mom drinks mineral water or uncooked water. So, from yesterday on, mom drinks only cooked water. The water, however, should not be hot nor warm.

A mom who drinks hot or warm water will have a direct effect to her baby. It's said, if mom drinks hot or worm water, my tongue will get burn. I don't know if it's true.

Bottom line is mom sacrifices a lot for my well being.

Oh by the way, today I'm a five day old baby. Am I grown up enough?

Day Four

I got flu today. Again I'm crying out loud to tell mom and grams that I'm so umcomfy with it. My grams have me bathed this morning. It's so cold, you know. I cry loudly again.

By the way, I'm happier today because mom can breast-feed me both from her right and left breast. Not only from her left breast as my first two days. Thanks God.

I see mom and gramma love me even more by the day.

Day Three

Everything goes just fine. I still am unable to talk. So, crying is the only way to make the adults know that I want something or tell something.

I cry when I feel hungry and / or thirsty and need to eat and drink. I cry whenever I feel uncomfortable with my pee or just wanted them to know that I've fedecated.

Day Two

It's the second day I live in this world. My first pee last night. Three times I woke up this night and wake everyone up (my mom, my gramma). Everybody is busy when I awake.

How wonderful to be a baby. Everybody loves me. Everybody kisses me.

I am born Today

Hi, I am just born today Wednesday (Rabu Pon), February 4, 2009 CE or 8 Shafar 1430 AH (Hijriyah) 12.45 am Jakarta Time (+7 GMT).
My name Ahmad Farzan Esfandiar. Arguably the youngest blogger ever.

If any blogger who starts blogging in the very first day of his birth, let me know through the comment blog below.

My Picture on Day One