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Day 85: Mom Taking a Day Off

The "busy" activity mom was doing yesterday makes her feel so tired so much so that she asks dad to take "a day off" i.e. not cooking today. Only cooking rice.

Hence, I, mom and dad this morning go to Kepanjen to buy some food (lauk pauk) in "Warung Udin" restaurant. It locates near BKM Muslimat nursing home and Masjid Baiturrohman. Before going home, dad still remember to take today's newspaper (Jawa Pos and Duta Masyarakat) from newsstand where he subscribe the newspapers from.

Oh, mom also bought some snacks suuch as risol, martabak, etc in Cak Hadi or Toko Zamzam opposite Masjid Salafiyah (old mosque) and we share the snacks with uncle Jafar / aunt Juw too.

Nothing worth to note after that. Dad seems sitting idle in front laptop and sometimes TV accompanying me whenever mom calls him.

In the evening, however, dad plans to teach santris at gramma's house before maghrib. So, we'll go there to Kauman Kepanjen before maghrib. That's the plan

Gramma must be very happy to see her 85 days old grand kid again.

Day 84: Serving the Guests

Mom looks so busy today so I try hard not to distract her works. We go buying some vegetables and chicken and other related stuffs because dad requests mom to cook Soto Ayam (chicken soto) to serve our around 10 guests who will come after Isha prayer (around 8 pm). The meet-up is supposed to discuss the plan to found junior and senior high school (MTS / MA) due to open on July this year.

Mom is assisted only by our maid Mbak Muthi'ah. So she needs to work hard to share the time in kitchen and for breastfeeding me. Soto Ayam is a kind of a bit complicated food while it's also the first time for mom to cook it. That's why she's a bit nervous (the recipe is just given by gramma). And dad understands, it seems, if she looks so intense and easy to get angry.

To make this stroy short: the meet-up is successful. So is the soto ayam. All the ten guests seems enjoy the foods mom has cooked and snacks dad has purchased.

In the meanwhile, today I don't poop again. Should I need another ten days to poop? Wait and see. Whatever the outcome, I and probably mom and dad will no longer afraid of ten-days-without-poop thing.

Baby Day 83: Poop Again

Ok, mom don't need to worry about the poop thing. I poop again today. Things back to normal and everybody who loves and cares of me just enjoy the moments when I smile all the time.

At 12.30, dad comes to gramma's house to pick me and mom up. He drive us home to where we belong. On the way, we visit aunt Shuva at desa Ganjaran Gondanglegi. Mom has some business with her.

Everything becomes business as usual after we are home.

Day 82: I poop Finally!

Phew..! After waiting for exactly ten days I finally poop today. Mom is happy. She's sms-ing dad (who's been at home) telling him about this. He's obviously so happy too. The stools is not so much. It's just like before. Dad read in an article that the stools would be a lot more than usual if a baby don't poop for a week or so (my case is 10 days).

Whatever, everybody is feeling happy. On my part, however, the feeling is mixed between happiness and pain. The pain I feel because of yesterday DPT vaccination / immunization is still felt and I cry quietly whenever someone unintentionally touch my left thigh where the pediatrician Bu Soesi inject the vaccination into my body. And that's why I am still at gramma's house today. Mom plans to brings me home tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

Day 81: Immunisation Part 3

I've just undergone immunisation for DTP and Polio vaccine. It's painful you know when the pediatrician put the injection tools into my left thigh. I'm shocked. And the people around me are shocked even more to hear my outloud cry. Mom seems a bit shy over my uncontrollable cry and rush into the pediatrician room (after getting permission) to breastfeed me to keep me quiet.

To know more about the baby vaccination, here's the schedule of immunization for any baby like me:

* At 2 months your baby will be due for DTP-Hib*, Polio and PCV**.

* At 3 months your baby will be due for DTP-Hib*, Polio and Meningitis C.

* At 4 months your baby will be due for DTP-Hib*, Polio, PCV and Meningitis C.

* At 12 to 15 months your baby will be due for Hib, Meningitis C and MMR***.

*DTP-Hib (Diptheria/Tetanus/Pertussis (whooping cough)
**PCV (Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine - Pneumococcal infection)
**Measles/Mumps/Rubella (German Measles)

And to anticipate my possible fussiness because of this literally hot vaccine, mom decided to stay at gramma's house so that if I cry too much gramma could extend her helping hand. While dad is going home.

By the way, I still don't poop today. It's the ninth days without poop and stools staining my diapers. Mom and dad miss that smelly baby stools of mine.

Day 80: Day Eight Breastfed Baby without Poop

It's day 8 I don't poop. Yesterday mom asks gramma when we visit her. She check me out and concluded that I am ok. Nothing to worry about. As far as I am not feeling stomach ache and no cry from my side it's ok. And that's what happen. I feel ok. Mom exclusively breastfeed me everyday. Mom promises to exclusively breastfeed me for six months so it's still three and half month to go.

Well, may be important to note that this no poop thing started when I was 72 days old or 2 months 12 days. I should remember this event. The first even that makes dad and mom so worried about me.

By the way, dad finds a more interesting article which says that a breasfed baby who don't poop for 15 days is ok! Wow! What's a relief if it's true.

3 1/2 month-old breastfed baby hasnt pooped in 5 days?
I am kinda getting worried. she is exclusively breastfed and refuses formula so dont suggest supplementing (for those who would). I called the drs and they said to give her some corn syrup a couple of teaspoons so I did about 3 hrs ago and still nothing. she ahs about 8 wet diapers a day and passes a lot of gas but no poop. should I be worried?? they told me if she doesnt go within the next couple of days to take ehr in, but until then, to keep trying the corn syrup or prune juice.

its normal. my daughter has gone 6-7 days without a bowel movement. Just be ready with extra clothes when it does happen because its gonna be a messy one!

I would NOT give her anything to 'help' her poop, her drs must not be very knowledgeable about breastfeeding, which is no surprise.

Breastmilk is THE perfect food for them, their bodies use most of it so their is little to no waste. no waste=no poop everyday

a breastfed baby can go up to 15 days without pooping

Day 79: Day Seven No Poop Breastfeed Baby

It's the sevent day I do not poop. Dad and mom looking forward eagerly to a moment where I cry because my diaper is full of stools. It turns out my cry due to my usual pee. Everytime I cry dad and mom rush into me just to know whether that cry means a baby stools.

Again, dad worries. And again, this article seems to releive him a bit:

Question: My daughter is one month old, and her pooping schedule has slowed from three or more dirty diapers a day to one every few days to one a week to what we have now, which is a week and a half and counting. She has tons of wet diapers, and lots of stinky gas with sometimes the tiniest bit of poop leaked, but just no real poops. When she does poop, it's a huge amount, and it looks like a typical breastfed baby poop, just lots more of it.

Answer: ...that frequency of poop is not an issue for breastfed babies. Because different babies absorb the nutrients in breastmilk in different ways at different times, going a long time between poops is not necessarily a cause for concern. What you do want to watch out for is the consistency, color, and smell of the poop. If it's still that same brownish-yellowish-orangish-greenish soft or seedy poop, and it has that smell that I always thought was a lot like elementary school paste, you're fine. If it smells really foul (like the baby's sick) and is hard or in nuggets and is black, that's a problem and you should call your doctor. (Green poop can be caused by anything from your eating lots of spinach to having a foremilk-hindmilk imbalance to the baby's having some kind of little cold or virus. It basically means the poop is going quickly through the baby's system, and if it doesn't seem to be accompanied by any other problems it's not a problem in and of itself.)

Day 78: Day Six No Poop

Though Dad and mom feel a bit of relief regarding my no-poop situation after reading this article, they're still worried to the fact that it's the sixth day I don't poop at all. And that's why they call gramma about the situation and ask aunt Luthfiyah as well.

Both gramma and aunt Lutfiyah calm them down as to not going panick. They say it's common among baby not to poop for several days especially among babies older than a month. That's said, gramma advises if necessary mom may consider to use soap and baby oil around my anal part to enable me poop smoother.

Day 77: Day Five Do not Poop

It's the fifth day I don't poop. Mom and dad are afraid. They brings me to pediatrician again. She brings mom medication to consume.

It don't effect to me still. I don't poop. Instead it's mom who poop a lot due to consume that medicine. Mom asks dad if she needs to continue, dad says yes she should.

Day a bit relief about this after he found a nice article on this poop thing:

Babies that don’t poop for several days

Once your baby is about one month old, he may start having fewer bowel movements. If your baby is breastfed, he may go several days to a week without having a bowel movement. This is nothing to worry about. Exclusively breastfed babies rarely have problems with constipation. If he goes longer than a week, he seems to be in pain, or if you are concerned, call your pediatrician.

Ok, I am 77 days old baby or 2 month three weeks. So, it's ok to poop rarely.

Day 76: Day Four I do not Poop

It's the fourth day I don't poop. Mom and dad start to worry on this. They phone the pediatrician, Bu Susi, to make an appointment but she was not at home right now. Her assistant ask dad to call them back after a few hours. The problem is the cars are not available right now. One is used by uncles Ali and Hamid to Madura while another by uncle Ja'far to Tirtomoyo popularly known as Persil. May be we'll go to Bu Susi tomorrow to make sure what's problem with me unable to poop.

Meanwhile, mom's flu is cured. Thanks God it's cured before I got contagious from her. Dad seems fully recover too from his flu and fever. Dad always makes a joke that his fever might be of kuching ngunyah (actually he wants to say chikungunya).

Day 75: Mom Got Flu too

After dad recovers a bit from the flu that got him fever as well, now it's mom's turn to suffer from the same flu. Dad says flu just got contagious. So, the flu may be just coming from dad's virus.

When mom is sick, thing even get worse for me. She can't breastfeed me as maximum as she used to. She just sleeps a lot. She even doesn't listen when I cry.

I wish her get well soon.

One more thing, I still can't poop. Three days already. But mom a bit calm now as she heard from aunt Lutfiyah that that's a common symptom for a baby who is just exclusively breastfed.

Day 74: Dad Got Flu

Up till today dad still got flu. Fortunately he seems getting better now. I hope he can fully recover so that he can drive us somewhere around town.

P.S. Well, it seems my prayer got anwered very quickly. Dad drive us at the afternoon going around town Kepanjen to shop and just walking around.

I wish he continues that way. He's our backbone. The motor. The dynamo of our movement, so to speak. When he's not well, me and mom just stand still at home.

Day 73: Difficult to Poop

Today I feel a bit difficult to poop and that makes I've stomach ache. It's actually coming from mom. Mom can poop only after three to four days. And that makes me easy to cry all the time. Mom doesn't know how to keep me queiet but to breastfeed me.

Actually I feel satisfied with the breastfeeding for now, but I accept mom's offer for it's the only solution to make me forget about the stomach ache.

I am glad that mom seems understand my problem and she now eats papaya. Doctor says that eating papaya and banana as well as drinking a lot will rid of the problem. I hope so.


Immunization, or immunisation, is the process by which an individual's immune system becomes fortified against an agent (known as the immunogen).

When an immune system is exposed to molecules that are foreign to the body (non-self), it will orchestrate an immune response, but it can also develop the ability to quickly respond to a subsequent encounter (through immunological memory). This is a function of the adaptive immune system. Therefore, by exposing an animal to an immunogen in a controlled way, their body can learn to protect itself: this is called active immunization.

The most important elements of the immune system that are improved by immunization are the B cells (and the antibodies they produce) and T cells. Memory B cell and memory T cells are responsible for a swift response to a second encounter with a foreign molecule. Passive immunization is when these elements are introduced directly into the body, instead of when the body itself has to make these elements.

Immunization can be done through various techniques, most commonly vaccination. Vaccines against microorganisms that cause diseases can prepare the body's immune system, thus helping to fight or prevent an infection. The fact that mutations can cause cancer cells to produce proteins or other molecules that are unknown to the body forms the theoretical basis for therapeutic cancer vaccines. Other molecules can be used for immunization as well, for example in experimental vaccines against nicotine (NicVAX) or the hormone ghrelin (in experiments to create an obesity vaccine).

Souce: wikipedia

Day 72: Feeling Uncomfortable

Dad picks us up from gramma's house. Actually, he got a heavy flu and fever as well. But he got no choice to picks us up as there's no other driver around.

I still got a little fever and that's why I could'nt sleep well. Making mom couldn't sleep well too.

Oh one more thing, gramma gives dad a bunch of flowers to be planted in the backyard. Dad likes gardening, planting flowers and some other fruits.

Day 71: At Gramma's House Again

Today I'm at gramma's house. Important to note that the schedule to visit gramma's house has been changed. From now on, I and mom will be there at Kauman Kepanjen every Thursday to Friday. While dad will only drive us to gramma's house and come home afterwards.

I am a bit uncomfy today and that make mom could'nt sleep. I need her to breastfeed me all the time in this situation. For this i feel uncomfy even more.

Day 70: the Shaven Head

Gramma comes today. She's coming with a special mission: to shave my head. Dad insists to shave my head to make my hair grow healthier afterwards. And gramma chooses this day because it's Rabo Pon, the same day with my birth day. In Javanese tradition, it's good to shave a baby's hair in accordance to his/her wethon i.e. Javanese calender birth day.

So, I'm shaven head now. Unfortunately, the camera is not here with me. Uncle Hamid borrows it for his trip to Jakarta. I promise to ask dad to take my shaven head photo once the camere is returned.

Day 69: Some fish Died

Today we are a bit unhappy. Some fishes in the pond are found dead. I dont know why probably the lack of knowledge on our part to take care of them as the main reason.

Everyday, there's always almost one fish found dead in the pond. I think dad should ask the fish expert how to care of them.

Meanwhile, as a 69 day old baby, I couldnt' do anything but to wish dad and mom find the right answer on this problem to make the fish ponds look pretty with many fishes swimming around all the time.

Day 68: The Fever still there

I go nowhere today. Just stay at home all day and night. Mom decided not to take me out for a walk or eating out because she feels I am still unfit. My fever still there at least the left over still there. She sees I'm still fussy and cry every now and then. And concluded that I'm no where to go around now.

Dad meanwhile goes to Kepanjen to take the wall watch, shop for daily needs and some kitchen stuffs.

Day 67: At Gramma's House

This morning dad accompanies me and mom to gramma's house. Mom want to take massages from Mak Yah of Singosari.

Mak Yah will come at around 2 pm but dad bring us early since he also want to go to Kepanjen market to take his wall watch he has repaired to Cak Rudy. Mom seems so happy that she can go home early out of her go-home schedule while gramma's also so happy that she may carry me over and over till I fall asleep in her arm.

Day 66: Meeting with Pediatrician

Dad decided to brings me to pediatrician to make sure and to check up my health condition. Dad obviously so concern about my lately odd behaviour: too much cry.
Although in the afternoon my condition was a bit better and mom is doubtul whether bringing me to pediatrician is a good idea, dad still insists that it's necessary move.

So, the pediatrician (bu soesi) check me up and dianoses that I got a bit fever but NOT diarrhea (this is make dad relief). The pediatrician says that as far as a baby pooping no more than six times a day, it's ok and it's not called diarrhea. She also gives me a medicines to consume.

We come home at late afternoon with happier nuance in our faces.

Day 65: Got Fever and diarrhea

I feel not so well today and last night. Last night I got diarrhea. Mom thinks it's because of her who eat ice (es teller). Gramm forbid her doing so.

Today I got fever and flu. So, I just feel unfomfy and a bit distracting mom and dad as I cry a lot.

At the moment I try hard to sleep as long as I could to give mom and dad opportunity to have their quality time together.

Oh one more thing, we went to Kepanjen this morning to Kanjuruhan stadium and to buy fish in mbak ina's fish store. We bought some of those fishes, unfortunately two of them i.e. fish koki (black) are died today.

Day 64: Election Day

So, we are taking a "walk" with the new car. Dad drives it with mom and me beside him in front seat.

First, we are going to Kepanjen. Mom will vote at her hometown in Kauman Kepanjen. While dad has just finished his vote at Karangsuko near the old mosque at pak Munib's house.

Uncles Ali, Ja'far Sodiq and aunt Lutfiyah have voted there as well.

Dad take the opportunity to buy some fish for our new fish ponds in back home. Mom loves it so much. She now love sitting for a long time at the backside of our house just to watch the fish swimming. Dad seems like it too.

Day 63: Dad Finishes Off the Deal

Dad is going to Malang, to ACC to be precise, to finish off the deal with the car seller. 60 percent of payment would come from the financier ie ACC while 40 percent is from dad purse.

At 3 pm dad, the driver (Latif) and and the seller arrive at ACC office. Once we enter the office Ms. Wati has been waiting for us with the rest of the money. So, the process is so smooth. We leave the office right away with the money toward pak Tasim house first and then to our house.

So, today Wednesday 8 April 2009, the Panther Grand Royale has officially become one of the family member. I expect dad will ask me and mom to take a stroll tomorrow.

Day 62: I Poop Finally

Ahh... finally I could poop smoothly just half an hour ago. I don't know why it's so hard to poop since last night. And that makes me so upset since that means I distract dad and mom with my cry or half-cry. To make thing worse, they just don't know what I'm crying about.

That won't happen again at least within next few hours till tomorrow as I pooped so much just now.

Thanks God and thanks mom and dad for being patient towards me your little 62 days old kid.

Day 61: Dad Purchase Car

Today dad is going out a lot. He seems busy arranging to buy a new car. With uncle Ali (and the seller) they went to Malang to arrange for leasing in ACC. Dad leave for Malang from Nine to almost 1 pm. At 2 pm leave again to ACC with uncle Ali until 6 pm. So, I miss him a lot today. Mom also does.

The car is Isuzu Panther Grand Royale 1997. The condition is still good, says Misran the car service owner of Brongkal. And the price (IDR 76 mio) is nice.

So, dad bought it yesterday. The car now at our home. I'd like to have a try tomorrow with mom (dad the driver) to go to gramma house again. To stay one night there and (mom) wanted to meet with Bude (aunt) Zubaidah. Used to call Bude Jub (javanese cannot say Z).

Day 60: Mom to Pediatrician

Mom (and dad ofcourse) is going to pediatrician (Bidan Bu Susi) at Kepanjen to check her stomach ache. It's ok, says the pediatrician, "It's just because you're too tired breastfeed your baby." Bu Susi gives her some pills, vitamins mostly, to consume.

Wish mom get well soon so that she may breastfeed me with comfort. As I depend almost 100 percent to her, it'll be a doomsday if she's sick and can't breastfeed me.

Oh on way home, dad bought a set of chairs (three chairs, of course with the table) made from rattan. It worths IDR 1 mio (around USD 100). It placed at front house for male guess. He seems like it so much.

Day 59: To Hospital with Mom and Gramma

Going to Kepanjen hospital (BKM Muslimat in Jalan Sultan Agung, near Masjid Biturrahman). Dad asked mom to check up since she complain headachefrom yesterday. Besides, to accompany gramma to come home after last night came to our house (she must've missed me so much!).

It turns out, mom feeling unwell because of too tired. Needs more rest and consume some vitamins, says the doctor.

So, we come home to Karangsuko afterwards. I fell asleep and was not aware that we have reached home.

Beautiful day.

Day 58: Mom and the Stove

Yesterday evening, mom cook special food made from tahu or Indonesia tofu. In between the process of cooking, I made a "call" to her by crying aloud. She instinctively jumped and ran towards me.

She then breastfed me and talk in between with dad. The talk and breastfeeding seemed making her forget that she's cooking something in the kitchen.

She's aware of that only after the conversation with dad and breastfeeding were over. And it's really over and too late. The stove gas run out. The panci (place for cooking food) was broken. The bottom was leaked. It can no longer be used.

We are still grateful that no further damage was done.

Mom later called gramma to report this incident in which gramma advised mom to be careful next time.

Day 57: Stay Home with Dad

Dad stays at home all day. He's writing and reading books. I sleep beside him. Sometimes I cry to get his attention. And when mom is away, he'll be happy to take mom's job changing my diaper etc.

Life is beautiful I think whenever mom and dad sit beside me and talk a lot of thing which sometime I couldn't understand. I like the way they are talk smoothly and smile and laugh freely.

That's what I talking about a good family. A nice and good family will create a good and healthy kid. I hope I'll be the one someday. Amen.

Day 56: One Night Stand at Gramma's House

Actually I and mom planned to have one night stay at gramma's house from Monday to Tuesday. Due to dad's not-feeling-good (he's got flu), the plan was delayed from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Gramma obviosly missed me a lot. She carried me all the time until I feel too comfy not to sleep. Sleeping all the time make gramma a bit upset since she also wanted to talk at the same time.

On Tuesday before noon, dad and mom were going to BRI Kepanjen to save money and mom to make an account. They went to bank too long that made me impatient. I need her to breastfeed me. To attract attention, I just cried outloud. That's made gramma called mom to come home quickly which is what mom and dad did.

On Wednesday afternoon, we come back to our house in Karangsuko. The lovely place I love so much.