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Baby Sling

I am a 177 days / 5 months 3 weeks 6 days old baby

As a nearly six month old baby, I am still unable to walk on my own. That's why I need mom, gramma and my nanny mbak Muthi'ah to carry me over whenever I need to move from one place to another.

Mom and gramma used to carry me using a sling (Indonesian, selendang).

They need a baby sling because they used to carry me long enough and baby sling surely help them to reduce the burden of carrying a 7 kg baby like me all along.

Gramma tends to use a traditional baby sling. She more used to the tradtional one while mom prefer using the modern one (see picture)

For more about baby sling, here's useful info from Wikipedia:

"A "baby sling" is a piece of cloth that supports an infant or other small child from a carer's body. The use of a baby sling is called babywearing.

Types of baby slings

Ring Slings: These are baby carriers that use dynamic tension, a length of cloth and metal (such as aluminum) or nylon rings. One end of the cloth is sewn to two rings. The cloth wraps around the wearer's body from shoulder to opposite hip and back up to the shoulder, and the end is threaded through the rings to create a buckle effect. The baby sits or lies in the resulting pocket. Once a sling is threaded, it can be taken off and put back on without rethreading. A threaded sling forms a loop of cloth. The wearer can put one arm and the head through the loop of cloth to put the sling back on.

Pouch slings: Sometimes called "tube", "pocket" or "ringless" slings, these are generally formed by a wide piece of fabric sewn into a tubular shape.[5] Simple, or fitted pouches do not have rings or other hardware. Adjustable pouches may adjust with a wide variety of methods, including zippers, snaps, buckles, clips, rings (these are usually considered hybrids), drawstrings or velcro.

Wraps: (sometimes called "wraparounds" or "wraparound slings") are lengths of fabric (usually between 2 metres and 6 metres, or 2.5-7 yards long, and 15-30 inches wide), which are wrapped around both the baby and the wearer and then tied. There are many different carrying positions possible with a wrap, depending on the length of the fabric. A baby or toddler can be carried on the wearer's front, back or hip.

Simple Pieces of Cloth (SPOC: )Pieces of cloth can be turned into slings by wrapping the fabric around the carer and the baby and either tying it with knots or using a twist and tuck method to secure the ends."

Is it OK to use baby sling?

Yes and no.

The Yes,
#Freedom to use hands
# Eases back and shoulder pain if worn correctly
# Allows view for child
# May allow hands-free breastfeeding or "nursing on the go"
# Helps parents meet the needs of babies and older children simultaneously
# Reduces arm pain for parents who carry heavy babies

Not OK

# Danger of dropping the baby if baby carrier is not used correctly
# Danger of bumping or falling onto the infant (similar danger to carrying in-arms)
# Risk of burning when drinking hot beverages (same danger as when carrying or holding)

Baby Teether

I am a 176 days / 5 months 3 weeks 5 days old baby

I forget to tell you, the baby blogger community, that since about two months ago mom bought me a couple of baby teethers (Indonesian, alat perangsang pertumbuhan gigi).

The purpose of baby teether is give a baby like me something to bite on, and soothes the aches of new teeth growing in.

Actually, dad and mom wanted to see me teething faster. But as some expert say a baby will start teething:

"Most babies get their first tooth at around 6 months, but your child's chompers may appear as early as 3 months or as late as 14, depending on such factors as when Mom and Dad started sprouting teeth and whether or not your baby was a preemie (preemies tend to teethe on the late side)."[1]

Understandable, that's why my first tooth has yet to come because it's still 2 days to go for me to reach six month milestone.

By the way, how long the teething process will complete, it seems a long painful process:

"The teething process lasts about two years, but after the first few teeth come in, the process tends to be much less painful."[2]


[2] ibid

Photo of baby teether

Baby Pacifier

I am a 175 days / 5 months 3 weeks 4 days old baby

I have a question to my compatriot babies around the world: do all of you use baby pacifier (Indonesian, dot bayi)?

This question keep emerging in my mind because mom does not allow me to use baby pacifier. She says using pacifier (Indonesian, dot) is not good.

I don't understand the exact reason why mom said so.

To get rid of my curiosity I go googling about it from baby health perspective.

This is one of good article about plus point and the flip side of baby using pacifier:

"The pros

For some babies, pacifiers are the key to contentment between feedings. Consider the advantages:

* A pacifier may soothe a fussy baby. Some babies are happiest when they're sucking on something.
* A pacifier offers temporary distraction. When your baby's hungry, a pacifier may buy you a few minutes to find a comfortable spot to nurse or to prepare a bottle. A pacifier also may come in handy during shots, blood tests or other procedures.
* A pacifier may help your baby go to sleep. If your baby has trouble settling down, a pacifier might do the trick.
* Pacifiers may help reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Researchers have found an association between pacifier use during sleep and a reduced risk of SIDS.
* Pacifiers are disposable. When it's time to stop using pacifiers, you can throw them away. If your baby prefers to suck on his or her thumb or fingers, it may be more difficult to break the habit.

The cons

Of course, pacifiers have pitfalls as well. Consider the drawbacks:

* Early pacifier use may interfere with breast-feeding. Sucking on a breast is different from sucking on a pacifier or bottle. Some babies have trouble learning how to nurse properly if they're given a pacifier too soon.
* Your baby may become dependent on the pacifier. If your baby uses a pacifier to sleep, you may face frequent middle-of-the-night crying spells when the pacifier falls out of your baby's mouth.
* Pacifier use may increase the risk of middle ear infections. However, rates of middle ear infections are generally lowest from birth to age 6 months — when the risk of SIDS is the highest and your baby may be most interested in a pacifier.
* Prolonged pacifier use may lead to dental problems. Normal pacifier use during the first few years of life doesn't cause long-term dental problems. If your child continues to use a pacifier persistently, however, his or her top front teeth may slant out or the upper and lower jaws may be misaligned."[1]

Well, having read the article I have to agree with dad that reducing dependency on something is a lot better off. Not using pacifier is one of those effort of dependency-reduction step.

What do you think?



In Pictures

Photo no. 1: I may not use baby pacifiers because mom doesn't allow me, I can still use my hand instead.

Photo no. 2: Baby pacifier.

Eating Porridge for the First Time

I am a 174 days / 5 months 3 weeks 3 days old baby

It's official, I start eating solid food. Yes, I know I ate solid food (banana) once before but it's discontinued by mom because I got diarrhea then.

Now, mom tries to give me porridge for baby. And it works!

I eat porridge twice today and I got no diarrhea at all.

With this new eating habit, I have reduced mom's task to breastfeed me all the time.

Mom only needs to breastfeed me whenever I feel thirsty, not hungry.

Is eating porridge in particular or any solid food in general good for me, a six months minus 3 days old baby? It's ok, says expert:

"At four to six months a baby can begin to be given a little solid food in addition to breastfeeding or formula milk.

Good foods to start a baby on are porridge made with ground rice, boiled mashed carrots, boiled mashed potatoes, shredded apple, mashed banana, mild blackcurrant juice or apple juice.

When introducing a new type of food to the baby's diet, do it slowly and a little at a time to give their digestive system time to adjust. One teaspoon is enough the first time. This can be increased gradually to three to four tablespoons.

If a baby is very hungry it may not want to try new food, so it is sometimes best to breastfeed before trying the new food. Always let a few days pass after trying one new type of food before you introduce the next.

Vegetables and potatoes must be cleaned thoroughly or peeled before they are boiled. The food has to be boiled long enough for it to mash easily. Adding some of the vegetable water and a teaspoon of cooking oil when mashing the food is a good idea. If the food is too coarse, you can press it through a sieve.

Apples can be boiled and mashed or shredded with a tea spoon. Bananas are easily mashed with a fork.

Ground rice is available in packets especially made for babies with iron already added. It should be prepared according to the recipe on the package. To improve the taste, you can add breast milk or milk powder. Regular full cream milk is not recommended for babies at this stage due to the risk of allergy.

Never add salt to a baby food as even a small amount of salt can disturb the baby's salt balance.

If the baby makes faces or spits out the food when tasting something new, this is not cause for alarm. It doesn't mean the baby doesn't like this new food. It is just the baby's way of showing that it is experiencing a new sensation in its mouth."[1]

So, here I am now. After almost six month old (in fact just 3 days to go), I start tasting solid food. I feel a bit "grown-up". Dad says so.

Watch Video when I am Eating Porridge which become my daily food twice a day now


Baby Fontanel

I am a 173 days / 5 months 3 weeks 2 day old baby

Dad and mom seem a bit worry whenever my anterior / frontal fontanel (Indonesian, ubun-ubun) makes a movement every now and then. Today the frontal fontanelle make a move again.

They wonder if fontanel movement in five month old a baby like me is normal. To be more clear, is it good for my well-being?

Says Dr Greene, "the anterior fontanel, or soft spot on a baby's skull, is a cause of concern for many parents. Elsewhere, the baby's brain is protected by a wall of bone; here only soft, squishy tissue separates the brain from the traumas of the outside world."

Tina Dede of says:

The anterior fontanel, or "soft spot" on top of an infant's head is the space between the bony plates of the skull that have not yet fused together. It measures about 1 inch in width and length, and tends to become a little larger before it begins to close. At no point should it be larger than 2" x 2". Being born without the skull completely fused leaves room for the baby's brain to grow.

Without this open area, brain damage, retardation, or death could occur as the brain develops

Can it be touched?

Yes, it can. But with exreme care. "Common sense dictates that nothing hard or heavy puts pressure on a baby's head, but the head is quite safe to touch, including the soft spot. Hair may also be washed and brushed without fear of damaging the area."

Is my Fontanel healthy?

To assess the health of your baby's fontanel, look and feel for smoothness. Is the fontanel flat or bulging? If the space is bulging, it is a dangerous sign of pressure building up on the brain and the baby must be seen by a doctor. Even a mild fullness can be a sign of pressure.

Wikipedia explains more vividly:

A fontanelle (or fontanel) is an anatomical feature on an infant's skull. Fontanelles are soft spots on a baby's head which, during birth, enable the bony plates of the skull to flex, allowing the child's head to pass through the birth canal. The ossification of the bones of the skull cause the fontanelles to close over by a child's second birthday. The closures eventually form the sutures of the neurocranium. Although there are the two anterior and posterior fontanelles, there are two more fontanelles of interest, the mastoid fontanelle, and the sphenoidal fontanelle.

The skull of a newborn consists of five main bones: two frontal bones, two parietal bones, and one occipital bone. These are joined by fibrous sutures, which allow movement that facilitates childbirth and brain growth. At birth, the skull features a small posterior fontanelle, an open area covered by a tough membrane, where the two parietal bones adjoin the occipital bone (at the lambda). This fontanelle usually closes during the first several months of an infant's life.


Picture of skull and fontanelle (courtesy, wikipedia)

Baby Photo with Cousin: Kak Mahbub

I am a 173 days / 5 months 3 weeks 2 day old baby
Baby Photo with Cousin series, part of Madura trip photos

Kak Mahbub is the son of man Afif (KH Afif Toha) and bik Faizah (Faizah Syuhud, dad's sister) Pondok Pesantren Sumber Gayam, Larangan, Pamekasan Madura.

He's my cousin and the elder brother of mbak Cici.

He's 14 years of age now. If you see his body a bit smaller than he's supposed to be it's because he's physically and mentally challenged person.

We feel sorry for him. And he should feel proud of his parents who take care of him passionately for all these years and in the years to come.

These are the photos of me with Kak Mahbub

Baby Photo with Cousin: Mbak Cici

I am a 172 days / 5 months 3 weeks 1 day old baby
Baby Photo with Cousin series, part of Madura trip photos

I make a full use of my trip to Madura to be closer to my cousins who reside in Madura island (mostly in Pamekasan regency).

The photo below is my picture with my cousin mbak (sis) Cici alias Qotrul Ghaits. She's very beautiful and is just studying in first grade (?) school nearby.

She's about six or seven years of age. A bit reticent girl, but can be laughing out loud when she's near her friends of her age.

She's the daughter of man Afif (KH Afif, Sumbergayam, Larangan, Pamekasan) and bik Faizah (dad's sister).

Photo with my cousins series: With Mbak Cici Afif Pondok Pesantren Sumber Gayam, Larangan, pamekasan Madura

Madura Trip Photos

I am a 172 days / 5 months 3 weeks 1 day old baby

As promised, I'll publish some photos from my Madura trip.

The photos should be more interesting if we could take photos in Jembatan Suramadu. Unfortunately, we could not.

So, dad takes Jembatan Suramadu photo from the car. The result of course is not so impressive.

That's said, this trip is unforgetable since it's the first time in my lifetime (of five month) to visit Madura, the island of my grandfather Syuhud (KH Syuhud Zayyadi).

Photos / Pictures / Images of Madura Trip.

Picture no.1. The famous Jembatan Suramadu that bridges Madura island and Surabaya the capital city of East Java

Picture no.2. Api Tak Kunjung Padam, one of tourism destination in Pamekasan Madura.

Madura Trip 2

I am a 171 days / 5 months 3 weeks old baby

Morning in bik (aunt) Faizah's house. Mom baths me with warm water before she herself having bath as preparation to go home (She hardly having bath in the morning at home, so is dad).

After having breakfast (of course, my breakfast is mom's breastmilk, I'm still a breasted baby, you know.) We start leaving bik Faizah Syuhud's house around 8.30 am.

As planned, we visit Api Tak Kunjung Padam (The Fire that's On continuously) place. Taking some photos there and continue driving.

We plan to take photos in the famous Jembatan Suramadu bridge, but fails. No Stop sign everywhere and a patrol police is there.

At about 11.30 we arrive at Sunan Ampel, again we are disappointed it turns out taking photos is not allowed. So, dad takes my photos on the road towards Sunan Ampel.

We arrive home at 4.30 pm in the afternoon.

Glad to arrive home safely. Alhamdulillah. Nothing sweeter than seeing my own home.

Madura Trip Day 1

I am a 170 days / 5 months 2 weeks 6 days old baby

Around 9.30 am we leave Karangsuko to Madura.

As always, traffic jam occurs in Sidoarjo, near the infamous Lapindo Brantas "lake of gas liquid."

The traffic jam, unfortunately, doesn't take too long. And we finally are passing the famous Jembatan Suramadu bridge which has 5.5 km / 3 mile length, the longest bridge in Indonesia.

We arrive in bik Faizah's house kecamatan Larangan, Pamekasan at around 2.30. Still enough time to have a launch and take a shower.

Around 3 pm we go to desa Madu Kawan where mbah Salim (dad calls him Man or uncle Salim) was buried. The tahlilan ceremony is just begun and we follow the crowd reciting the ritual of sixth days of mbah Salim's death.

Tahlil ceremony finish. Dad is chatting for a few minutes with his cousins including the host man Abduh (KH. Abdus Salam), dad's cousin who inherits Pesantren Madu Kawan.

Around 5 pm we come back to bik Faizah house. Dad doesn't like chic chat too much.

Watching TV and a light chit chat with bik Faizah before we finally go to bed. We plan to back home tomorrow morning.

One more thing, we plan to go to Api Tak Kunjung Padam (The Fire that Never Off) in Pamekasan and to Sunan Ampel Surabaya tomorrow on the way home.

Going to Madura

I am a 169 days / 5 months 2 weeks 5 days old baby

As a blogging baby I am a very busy newborn. As I blog everyday, I also deserve "the most prolific newborn baby" awards.

Dad asks me to write everything and I do what he asks for. It's a job I enjoy doing.

I hope I can write more eloquent articles later when I have come of age at least when I have entered first and second grade and mastering more English vocabularies.

As a non-native speaker in English, I also wish dad would teach me more when I am a 4 year old baby.

Well, speaking of Madura, tomorrow for the first time I'll go there with mom and dad

There must be many interesting thing to see.

Suramadu bridge which connect Surabaya and Madura island and which was just inaugurated for public use on early July 2009 by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

I'll also meet my cousins, daughters and sons of aunt Husna and Faizah. All are six persons.

I'll also see the place where my grandfather (from dad), KH Syuhud Zayyadi was born and grew up.

And many more. I'll write you later.

Oh by the way, dad and mom just teach me more regularly how to do a tummy time, rolling over and a bit of baby crawling. It's nice and fun.

Baby Roll Over

I am a 168 days / 5 months 2 weeks 4 days old baby

Rolling Over is just like tummy time. Only it's more dynamic, so to speak.

As a bit fat baby, I think it's understandable if in this age of five month & two weeks I am still unable to roll over like other babies my age.

Dad find a good tips in where's there are six steps to teach me to enjoy rolling over.

Here's how:

1. Place your baby on the floor for tummy time daily.
2. Lie down or sit directly in front of your baby so she can see you during her tummy time.
3. Begin sitting next to your baby as he gains strength. Talk to him or use a rattle or bells to get his attention. He will look for you and turn his head to see you.
4. Gradually sit farther back so eventually you will sit just to the side of your baby’s feet.
5. Eventually your baby will turn her head far enough to accidentally roll over from her tummy to her back.
6. Continue this routine every day, and your baby will strengthen the necessary muscles to roll over on his own and at his own will.

Baby Crawling

I am a 168 days / 5 months 2 weeks 4 days old baby

Dad wants me to crawl (Indonesian, merangkak). It unlikely occurs at least anytime soon. I cannot do tummy time unassisted by mom and/or dad, how could I do beyond that?

Crawling is something harder to do than tummy time. So, expecting me as a five month 2 weeks old baby doing crawling is too much.

That's said, dad got a tips from a parenting expert on how to encourage baby crawling faster and fun:

It Works On Babies As Young As 3 Months Old

Here's the exact technique to get your baby crawling in six easy steps.

Step one, place your baby on his/her stomach on a carpet on the floor.

Step two, gently hold Baby by the elbows and encourage supporting him/herself on elbows. Continue to provide support.

Step three, measure, or try to get some measure of the distance between the floor and Baby's armpit in the supported position.

Step four, get a roller with approximately the same diameter as you've just measured. Rollers are soft cylindrical shaped toys... preferably firm. You do get inflatable ones, but firm, dense ones normally last much longer and can also be a valuable aid to get Baby to sit and walk.

Step five, put the roller underneath Baby's upper body... elbows touching the ground in front of the roller. This supported position also allow Baby to lift his/her head and discover the surroundings.

Step six, get down on the floor directly in front of Baby, face towards Baby. Now, let Baby look at your face while you talk to, amuse and encourage Baby to lift his head and take part in the conversation.[1]

Another expert offers five steps (known as Five P) technique to teach a baby to crawl:


P - Put on the carpet. The very first thing any baby must master before there's any hope of learning to crawl… is being comfortable in the tummy lying position. You'll get great results doing this if you talk to and play with your baby when she's on the carpet.

P - Put together a roller. Roll an ordinary bathroom towel into a "sausage". Of course, you can also buy any other type of roller. They're soft cylindrical shaped toys... preferably solid. You do get inflatable ones, but solid ones normally last much longer and can also be used to get teach your child to sit and walk.

P - Position the elbows. This step requires you to do something. Gently hold your baby by the elbows and draw them towards her body. It will almost seem as if your child wants to lie on her elbows. Continue to provide support.

P - Position on roller. Gently position the "sausage" under your baby's upper body… arms hanging over the front of the "sausage". The towel "sausage" supports the upper body - NOT her stomach - with her elbows just touching the carpet. It should slightly raise her upper body thereby allowing her to discover the surroundings. Make sure her elbows touch the carpet - they must not be hanging in the air.
P - Perform in front. This is the most important step. Get down on the floor directly in front of your child and face her. Now, let your baby look at your face while you talk to, amuse and encourage her. Many parents also found this crawl mirror a great help.[2]


Tummy Time, Baby!

I am a 167 days / 5 months 2 weeks 3 days old baby

Dad is a bit concerned -- he's always concerned on everything to do with me -- about me not able to roll over until lying on my belly or sit up or do a tummy time (Indonesian, tengkurap) unassisted on my own. Mom though a bit more calm than dad thinks that every baby is unique and cannot be compared with other babies to some extent.

My six months of age is just a week away and I still could not do all those mentioned on my own. Do dad and mom need to worry? Do I myself need to concerned about this?

Tummy Time

First off, is tummy time such important for a five month 2 weeks like me?

Yes, says an expert. Putting baby on his belly for a few minutes every day is necessary-- it makes him stronger and improves his coordination.

"Introduce your baby to tummy time around the 3- to 4-month mark. At this point, she has better neck strength and control, so she's able to lift and turn her head while lying down. Start by placing her on a blanket on the floor and giving her several five- to ten-minute sessions each day. By about 4 months, your baby should be able to lift her chest off the floor and lean on her elbows with her head upright. She may even be able to lift her arms off the floor, arch her back, and kick her feet. As your baby stretches and pushes on the floor, she may accidentally lean to one side, fall over, and roll from her belly onto her back. Don't worry; that's normal. At 5 or 6 months, she will begin to pivot on her belly and use her arms to reach in front of her or to the sides."[1]

I, like some other babies, don't like tummy time so much. But dad and mom got other ways to make me enjoy the act:

If your baby protests tummy time, try several brief (one- to two-minute) stints a day, gradually working up to longer belly sessions. He might also tolerate — or even enjoy! — his playtime more if you:

* Get down on the floor with him, face to face, and talk to him.
* Place an unbreakable mirror in front of him so he can see his own fascinating face.
* Tempt him with enticing toys.
* Prop him up by placing a nursing pillow (or other firm cushion) under his chest and arms.
* Place him on your own tummy while you lie on your back (but watch out for drool!).[2]

Watch Video I am doing a Tummy Time with the help of mom. The video taken when I was five month old


Tummy time when I was a six month old baby


Cousin Photos (1)

I am a 167 days / 5 months 2 weeks 3 days old baby

From Dad side, my cousins mostly are the grown-ups. Some of them such as Kak Imdad and Kak Iqbal and Mbak Rohma are doing their study at university. Some like Kak Mamat and Mbak Mamnuha and Mbak Ela are at high school.

My cousins from mom's side, however, are relatively as young as me. The oldest is Mas Tajul and Mas Syidan who are at Fourth and Fifth grade.

Some like Mas Kia, Mas Najah, Mbak A'yun, Mas Farel and Mbak Zahrah are almost of my age. These are photos of my cousins from mom's side

From Top: (1) Mbak Zahrah, (2) Mbak A'yun, (3) Mas Najah, (4)(Clockwise, Mas Kia, Mas Tajul, Mas Syidan); the two grown-up people are uncle Luthfi and Mas Gun; (5) Mas Farel.


I am a 166 days / 5 months 2 weeks 2 days old baby

Pseudostrabismu, as mentioned here is an optical illusion in which normal aligned eyes appear crossed due to an optical illusion. This appearance may be due to a wide, flat nasal bridge and/or prominent skin folds at the inner eyelids. These characteristics hide a portion of the white part of the eye creating the impression that one eye is turned toward the nose. This appearance resolves as the child gets older and causes no visual problems.

Pseudostrabismus is the false appearance of crossed eyes. When the eyes are actually crossed or not completely aligned with one another it is called strabismus. Pseudostrabimus generally occurs in infants and toddlers whose facial features are not fully developed. The bridge of their nose is wide and flat. With age, the bridge will narrow and the epicanthal folds in the corner of the eyes will go away. This will cause the eyes to appear wider, and thus not have the appearance of strabismus. To detect the difference between strabismus and pseudostrabismus use a flashlight to shine into the child's eyes.

When the child is looking at the light a reflection can be seen on the front surface of the pupil. If the eyes are aligned with one another then the reflection from the light will be in the same spot of each eye. If strabismus is present then the reflection from the light will not be in the same spot of each eye.

Pseudostrabismus is more likely to be observed in Native American or East Asian infants due to the presence of epicanthic fold obscuring the medial aspect of the eye.

Am I a Pseudostrabismus or Strabismus baby? Take a look at my photos and please give a comment

Bowel Movement

I am a 165 days / 5 months 2 weeks 1 day old baby

I wonder what "bowel movement" is. Oftentimes I find the words but I don't know exactly the meaning. Only guessing.

By definition it stands for:

1. The discharge of waste matter from the large intestine; defecation.
2. The waste matter discharged from the large intestine; feces.[1]

In another word bowel movement stands for poop.

After knowing this, it gets me into another question: how much bowel movement one has everyday? Is it once a day or twice? Or is it normal to have a bowel movement once or twice a week? I experienced pooping once in ten or eleven days which made dad and mom panic.

Many people believe that the definition of a normal bowel movement is having 1 movement each day, but that is not true for everyone. There is no rule for frequency of bowel movements, but the general range is from 3 times a day to 3 times a week. Less than 3 movements a week may indicate constipation, and more than 3 watery stools a day could indicate diarrhea.[2]

Bowel Movement of a Baby

Another question is how about baby's bowel movement? Is it normal to have a bowel movement for a baby like me twice a week or once a week? Yes, it's still normal.

It is usually around the age of 5 to 6 weeks that a baby's bowel habits may begin to change. Prior to that time, we like to see a breastfed baby stooling at least twice a day. This is one factor that lets us know that he is getting the amount of milk he needs for good growth. After 5 or 6 weeksof age breastfed babies often transition to less frequent, but more abundant stooling. For this age group we like to see regular, substantial bowel movements. Healthy, and happy breastfed babies sometimes only have a bowel movement every 10 days or so.

If your daughter's baby is growing well (about 4 to 8 ounces per week)and does not have signs of constipation, such as dry and hard to pass stools and/or a distended (and uncomfortable) belly, I would not worry about his infrequent stooling pattern. It is also quite common for babies to be restless while sleeping.[3]

So, lacking of or infrequent bowel movement for a five month 2 weeks like me is not a big deal. It's still normal.


[1] The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language

Diarrhea after Eating Solid Foods

I am a 164 days / 5 months 2 weeks old baby

It turns out I still need mom's breastfeeding a lot. Yesterday, I ate banana. And the result, I got diarrhea.

Maybe I need another two weeks to be prepared to eat a solid food. Mom thinks so.

And I am glad that I can enjoy mom's breastfeeding once more today.

In case you don't know what vomitting is, here's the definition from Wikipedia:

In medicine, diarrhea (from the Greek, "diarrhoia" meaning "a flowing through"[1]), also spelled diarrhoea (see spelling differences), is the condition of having frequent loose or liquid bowel movements. Acute diarrhea is a common cause of death in developing countries and the second most common cause of infant deaths worldwide. The loss of fluids through diarrhea can cause severe dehydration which is one cause of death in diarrhea sufferers. Along with water, sufferers also lose dangerous amounts of important salts, electrolytes, and other nutrients.

Diarrhea commonly results from gastroenteritis caused by viral infections, parasites or bacterial toxins.[2] In sanitary living conditions where there is ample food and a supply of clean water, an otherwise healthy patient usually recovers from viral infections in a few days. However, for ill or malnourished individuals diarrhea can lead to severe dehydration and can become life-threatening without treatment.[3]

Diarrhea can also be a symptom of more serious diseases, such as dysentery, cholera, or botulism, and can also be indicative of a chronic syndrome such as Crohn's disease or severe mushroom poisoning syndromes. Though appendicitis patients do not generally have violent diarrhea, it is a common symptom of a ruptured appendix. It is also an effect of severe radiation sickness.

Gramma advises mom to reduce her pill consumption to enable me enjoying her breasmilk again. Mom as usual obliges mom's advice. And thanks God, the diarrhea is now gone.

Meanwhile, good news for dad. This morning he finds out that his "beloved" Telkom Speedy internet connection is back. What's a surprise!

Dad enjoys a lot. Mom and I are happy seeing dad in such excitement.

I which the thief feel satisfied enough with the haram money he got from selling the stolen cable and not repeating his evil act again. Amen.

Oh one more thing, dad just makes a Google map for me, here's the link. Just in case you want to visit me someday. Who knows?

Eating Solid Food the First Time

163 days / 5 months 1 weeks 6 days old baby

Still at gramma's house from last night till today.

In the morning I feel uncomfortable eating and drinking mom's breastmilk may be the medicine / drugs mom consumes since yesterday affect the taste of momn's breast milk. I cry a lot.

That forces gramma to give me an alternative food that is banana.

Mom actually want me to eat solid food after I reach six months of age which is 15 days from now.

By the way, dad at Karangsuko's house since the morning till afternoon because he has once a month meeting this Friday between 2 to 3.30 pm.

He just comes around 4.30 because there's two guesses he has to serve that is Haji Abdurrahman (formerly Rusih) and Pak Mukhlis.

At Kepanjen with Dad and Mom

162 days / 5 months 1 weeks 5 days old baby

I have many activities today. First, we are (me, dad, mom and gramma) going to downtown Malang to Jalan Nusakambangan where Doctor Andi Ansharullah treat his patients.

This time it's mom who needs to be treated for her stomach ache.

Well, mom suffers the stomach disorder (maag in Indonesia, indigestion in English?)since long time. The lasting ache in her stomach got better for a few months but now come again.

After that we go to Soto Ayam Lamongan in Oro-oro Dowo. And then go further to Pasar Besar Malang.

We arrive home (I mean, Kepanjen) afternoon. A bit tired and I cry a lot for the distracted sleep today.

Last but not the least, dad tonight will sleep at Kauman Kepanjen. An unusual thing. And the reason is not unusual, the Telkom Speedy internet outage and Telkomsel Flash which is working only in Kepanjen, in gramma's house.

Mom seems happy with that.

Telkom Speedy Internet is Dead Again

161 days / 5 Months 1 Week and 4 days old baby

Telkom Speedy internet connection is dead again today after it's alive for only six days. The reason is the same: landline telephone cable from which Speedy Internet is connected is stolen (again).

This freaks dad out. The thief is just did not want to give him time to enjoy the Speedy internet connection. I think, the thief just don't care he enjoys what he's doing. That's all.

Speaking of Telkom, the company that runs the Speedy internet, I wonder what they think: don't they have the solution for this repeated cable theft? Are they so stupid so as to don't think or cannot think what to do with this kind of repeated problem?

Oopss, sorry. As a baby I should not say what a grown-up people say. May be I am too emotional right now seeing dad's frustration over this never ending problem.

Telkomsel Flash

By the way, I go online this time using Telkomsel Flash unlimited package.

Although Telkomsel Flash connection is good, I need to go to Kauman Kepanjen to Gramma's house so that I can be close to Telkomsel BTS (tower) without which the satellite signal will be weak (when I am at home) and I just could not connect to internet using Telkomsel flash.

As I wrote here I need to go to gramma's house everytime I want to connect to Telkomsel Flash.

The Telkomsel Flash connection is not working so well in our home. Our home location is too far away from Telkomsel BTS (Base Transceiver Station) that is 3 km to the east (Telkomsel BTS Gondanglegi), or 7 km (Telkomsel BTS Kepanjen).

That distance (3 km, correction, it's about 4km) is too far according to Telkomsel employee to catch 3G signal.

The connection catch 3G/HSDPA signal only occasionally. Oftentimes, it's only catch GPRS signal. Meanwhile, the device ie the modem will be automatically looking for the better signal from GPRS to 3G but will automatically go down also from 3G to GPRS without notice. In the process, the connection will be disconnected. It creates another problem in itself.

In short dad needs a place which is very close to Telkomsel BTS. And where else the most ideal avenue for that other than grama's house?

Baby Bath Video

160 days / 5 Months 1 Week and 3 days old baby

It's true what one says that "Bathing your baby becomes a special responsibility often enjoyed by a new parent. Always stay within arm's length of baby at all times. Do not take your eyes off baby."

Mom enjoys a lot of bathing me. So does my nanny mbak Muthiah.

The following is my video having bath done by mbak Muthiah hope you enjoy it.

Dad finds a good tips to bath baby from this one:

Collect all bathing materials (soap, shampoo, cloth, comb) before bringing the baby into the bathroom. More tips below:

More bathing safety tips for your baby...

Place bathing materials within hands' reach of where you will be bathing baby. Be sure the bottom of the tub is clean and free of any soap residue.

If the bath seat or bath ring has suction cups, make sure they adhere to the bottom of the tub. Pull up on the bath seat/bath ring to test.

Never use a bath seat on textured or non-skid surfaces unless the manufacturer's instructions specifically state the seat is intended for such surfaces.

Place the bath seat in the tub so that baby cannot reach faucets or the spout.

Never lift the bath seat or ring with your baby in it as he or she could fall out.

After bathing, lift your child out of the seat or ring before removing it from the tub.

If bath seat/bath ring moves or tips while baby is in it, discontinue use.

Baby Hiccup Video

160 days / 5 Months 1 Week and 3 days old baby

Every now and then I am having hiccups. In that situation, mom used to breastfeed me to get rid of it. According to this article, the hiccups is normal.

"The exact reasons for newborn babies suffering hiccups more so than other, older, infants is not generally agreed upon by the medical profession, but undoubtedly much has to do with the relative immaturity of your baby’s internal organs. As your baby develops and matures, so too will the hiccupping reduce in intensity and frequency."

There's no need to stop the baby hiccups says the same article:

There isn’t a lot you can do to stop the hiccups in a newborn baby. Certainly the old wives-tale solutions for adults (such as standing on your head, breathing into a paper bag, getting a scare etc.,) should not be tried on your infant. In fact, probably the only thing you can do is to patiently wait the hiccups out and try to comfort or distract your baby while the hiccups persist. Frequent burping during feeding may decrease the instances of hiccups, but once they start there is very little that you can do.

Hiccups can last for anything from a minute or so right up to half an hour or an hour at a time but they do not harm your baby in any way. You may find however that as your baby gets older, he/she will tend to get frustrated during periods of hiccupping. By this stage however your baby should be easier to distract and keep occupied and hopefully this in turn will make it possible for you to help your baby stop hiccupping once he/she starts.

In my case, however, as mentioned above mom breasfeeds me and often times it works stopping the hiccup I suffer.

Watch Baby Hiccups Video. It's taken when I am about five month old

Cross Eyed Baby (Strabismus)

160 days / 5 Months 1 Week and 3 days old baby

Dad is thinking a bit much about my cross-eyed eyes (Indonesian, mata juling). He wonders if it can correct itself or does he need to bring me to doctor / pediatrician or ophthalmologist to check this out? Is my cross-eyed eyes a Strabismus or pseudostrabismus" or "pseudosquint?

If you don't know what Strabismus is, here's the definition:

"Strabismus, or misalignment of the eyes, is a common condition encountered in children. In fact, it may effect up to four percent of all children younger than six years of age."

What's the effect?

This disorder can disable sight in one eye and have significant psychological effects as well. Thus, restoration of the proper alignment of the eyes at an early stage of visual development is crucial.

The eyes crossing is rather common and considered normal under two months of age. However, if the eyes continue to cross when the child is three and four months of age, then the conditions of exotropia (eyes moving outward) or esoptropia (eyes crossing inward) become more of a concern. I agree with your pediatrician. If there is concern that your child has true strabismus, esotropia, or exotropia, an evaluation by the ophthalmologist is necessary.

What can be done to fix strabismus?
Treatment can help your child to have normal vision. The earlier the treatment is started, the better. The goal of treatment is to make the weak or wandering eye do more work and get stronger. Sometimes this means the child has to wear corrective glasses. Or the child might wear a patch on the "good" eye or have drops put in it. This blocks the vision in the stronger eye, which forces the weaker eye to work harder. Your child may not like to have these treatments, because the weak eye doesn't see as well at first as the other eye. Even if your child doesn't want to wear glasses or an eye patch, this treatment is very important. It can help your child see better as a child and as an adult.

Some children need an operation to straighten their eyes. The operation is usually considered after the weak eye has gotten stronger by being used more with the treatments listed above. The surgery is fairly simple, but it doesn't always make the eyes exactly straight. Sometimes it has to be performed again later on.

How long does treatment last?
Since the most important part of treating strabismus is to force the weak eye to work harder, it's very important that you follow the directions the doctor gives you for eye patching or eye drops. Usually the treatment will go on for months or even a few years. Sometimes less patching (or fewer eye drops) will be needed as time goes by. This treatment usually helps make the weak eye as strong as the good eye.

When your child is about 7 or 8 years old, the vision in the weak eye will be as good as it can get with treatment. The earlier treatment starts, the easier it is to fix the problem. So watch for signs that your child doesn't see well, or for eyes that cross or wander apart. If you have any questions, always ask your family doctor.

Pseudostrabismus or pseudosquint

Pseudostrabismus is an optical illusion in which normal aligned eyes appear crossed due to an optical illusion. This appearance may be due to a wide, flat nasal bridge and/or prominent skin folds at the inner eyelids. These characteristics hide a portion of the white part of the eye creating the impression that one eye is turned toward the nose. This appearance resolves as the child gets older and causes no visual problems.

I hope, my cross-eyed is just this pseudostrabismus thing.

Dad plans to bring me to pediatrician, Bu Nuke of Melati Husada Malang, next Saturday to make sure of my cross-eyes problem.

If you are a doctor, please have a look at my eyes, do I suffer from strabismus or pseudostrabismus?

Baby Massage Video

160 days / 5 Months 1 Week and 3 days old baby

Massage for Baby is good according to an article mentioned here. It says that:

If you have already gotten your baby used to receiving massages, you can continue to do them and increase the amount of time you do them. Rub your hands together before starting the massage so that your hands are warm. You can start to use special baby oils but do not use talcum powders or colognes.

Photos in McDonald Malang

160 days / 5 Months 1 Week and 3 days old baby
A week ago, we went to downtown Malang to buy some books.

Dad likes collecting many kind of books while mom loves having books on children, infant and newborn baby like me.

That's why mom bought many Islamic books for children in Gramedia Malang near Alun-alun bundar, north of Masjid Jami'.

After that we take lunch in McDonald Alun-alun Malang just opposite the toko buku Gramdedia.

Here are a couple of pictures taken by dad in the McD

Five Months One Week Two Days Old Baby

159 days / 5 Months 1 Week and 2 days old baby

I am confused to find a good title as today there's no activities at all on my part.

The reason is mom suffers a stomach ache and that prevents her from going anywhere. Actually she wanted to go with dad to Kepanjen to buy something to do with food in Warung Udin.

I therefore just lying in front of TV set with mom who breastfeeds me whenever I give a hint of thirsty or hungry.

Speaking of breastfeeding, time has become closer for me to the six months hallmark where I'll be no longer exclusively a breastfed baby.

A modern baby, says mom, has to be exclusively breastfeed for six month (unlike old days like mom and dad who's just breastfed for four month).

I dont know what it look like whenever the time comes for me to drink and eat something other than mother's breast milk.

Looking forward to that moment nevertheless.

Got Flu and Massage from Pak Giman (Video)

158 Days / 5 Months 1 week 1 day old baby

Since a few days I feel not so good: got fever and flu.

Dad insists to bring me to pediatrician. Mom however disagrees. She says, "We should not bring kid to doctor before 24 hours," dad relents.

Mom finally decides to bring me to a masseur to get massage.

The masseur named Pak Giman (Mr. Giman) is well known among our big family. He resides in desa Ngipik Kanigoro around 3 km south of our home. We go there with Pak Saiful as a guide.

The massage a bit painful to me and that's why I cried all along. It feels so good, however, after the massage was finished. Pak Giman advises dad and mom to bring me to him once a week.

Dad wonders if bringing a five month old baby to masseur once a week is a good idea from modern medication point of view.

I fall asleep until we arrive home. Thanks Pak Giman for making me feel better.

Watch the Video when I got massage from pak Giman

Mbah Haji Fatima Dies

157 Days / 5 Months 1 week old baby

Dad's gramma's cousin (my grand grand mother) named Haji Fatimah -- they call her Mbah Kaji Patemma -- is dead today. She's my buyut (javenese means grand grand-mother.

She dies in the age of about 80 years. We all went to her family to show our sympathy and as a part of our tradition to visit each other in such occasion.

Those who went with us including Uncle Hamid and wife (aunt Luthfiyah, we call her aunt Fia), uncle Ali and aunt Luthfiyah (dad's elder sister), uncle Jafar (dad's younger brother), dad, mom and me.

Apart from Hari Raya Lebaran Idul Fitri (Idul Fitr festivity), we use someone's dead as a way to communicate (silaturrahim) among each other. To visit one's distance family getting closer.

We have many tradition that we keep it intact as far as this goes well from religious point of view, among which are reciting some dzikr for seven days of one's dead. We call it tahlilan literally means reciting La ilaha illa Allah but actually we read many recitation which are taken from the holy Quran and Hadith.

Some Indonesian muslims, like those from Muhammadiyah muslim organisation, disagree with this tradition while NU muslim, like us, thinks nothing wrong with it.

I don't know which one is right. I am just a five month old baby who are struggling to move. May be more grown-up people care to give opinion?

Telkom Speedy is Back

156 days / Five months 6 days old baby

Since yesterday Telkom Speedy is back online after around two weeks off.

The stolen landline telephone cable, from which Telkom Speedy connection is relied on, has been replaced. That's said, we all are worried that the thief will do the same act again tonight or day after. I hope the police will catch the cable thief so that all landline telephone users and internet speedy customers feel secure.

Dad is happy. Mom is happy. I am of course happy too because I can write in this blog again.

Though I am just still a five months old baby, writing on the blog everyday is like an unleavable routine to me.

I feel strange when I don't write about something for a day. Am I an internet addict?

I don't know for sure. What I know for sure is writing is a good thing. Writing everyday is even better.

If doing a good thing is called internet addict, which implies to something negative, I just don't care.

Some latest photos of me

Five Months Baby Video

I am a five months plus five days old baby today. The video below, however, was taken when I was a five months old.

In the video mom tried to force me to lying on my stomach on my own but I could not do that. Mom, then, guided me to do just that.

So, the action of lying on my stomach is not on my own.

Watch the video below:

At Gramma's House Testing Telkomsel Flash Speed

Day 154 / 5 months 5 days old baby

It's Thursday, dad asks mom to go to Kepanjen at 10 am morning.

It's unusual considering dad a bit reluctant to go to Kepanjen in that kind of time. But mom knows the reason. The internet connection is the reason.

As you might know, Speedy connection is still off till today. The stolen cable has yet to be repaired and replaced. How about the Telkomsel Flash internet connection?

The Telkomsel Flash connection is not working so well in our home. Our home location is too far away from Telkomsel BTS (Base Transceiver Station) that is 5 km to the east (Telkomsel BTS Gondanglegi), or 7 km (Telkomsel BTS Kepanjen).

That distance (5 km) is too far according to Telkomsel employee to catch 3G signal.

The connection catches 3G/HSDPA signal only occasionally. Oftentimes, it's only catch GPRS signal which is as good as no connection at all. Meanwhile, the device i.e. the modem will be automatically looking for the better signal from GPRS to 3G but will automatically go down also from 3G to GPRS without notice. In the process, the connection will be disconnected. It creates another problem in itself.

In short dad needs a place which is very close to Telkomsel BTS. And where else the most ideal avenue for that other than grama's house?

Hence, we go to Kauman Kepanjen. To Gramma's house party to bring me and mom to meet gramma, and partly dad himself needs a secure and safe place to browse the world wide web in a more comfortable way.

The result, dad says, is fantastic. Telkom Flash internet unlimited basic package (237 kbps) is good when it's used near the Telkomsel BTS that is if the distance is not more than 2 km. But if you are a 3 or more km away from Telkomsel BTS using Telkomsel Flash internet connection is not recommended.

In short, as far as Telkomsel Flash connection is concerned here's dad's advice:
Use Telkomsel Flash unlimited if your area can catch the 3G / HSDPA signal in other words if your area is less than 3 km from nearest Telkomsel BTS. If not, that is if it can only catch GPRS signal, NEVER use Telkomsel Flash. It's useless. Telkomsel Flash with GPRS connection is like disconnecting internet with obligation to pay it every month.

Hey, one thing I forgot to tell: I am a five month old baby right now.

Do I look more mature? What do you think?

At Mom's Friend Wedding Party

Day 153 / 5 months 4 days old baby

There're two important events today: presidential election and mom's friend wedding party.

First, at 7 am we were all went to ustadzah Hanifah wedding party. She's married today with a Karangsuko man named Saiful Islam, a half kilometer from my home.

Hanifah is from desa Bulupitu about 3 km from my home. She's been studying and then become teaching staff at our institution.

Half an hour after we arrived home from the wedding party, we proceed to polling booth called TPS or tempat pemungutan suara.

All in the cars voted except me as only 17 years old citizen with legitimate ID Card can vote. it's unfortunate that I haven't met the requirement to vote.

Connecting Internet with Telkomsel Flash Unlimited

Day 152 / 5 months 2 days old baby

Today is the first I write this baby diary using Telkomsel Flash. After being installed yesterday by Telkomsel technician, we start connecting the internet world again.

Telkom Speedy connection meanwhile still not working. The stolen cable has yet to be replaced.

Telkomsel connection is not bad. Its speed is upto 215 kbps. However, like other satellite connection, it depends much on the signal strength.

Dad, however, seems enough for a while. At least the connection gives him a fresh air to breath, to browse the www and to write articles in his blogs.

I also happy because with this new connection, I can write and share everything I want to share with you.

Baby Got Fever

Day 151 / 4 months 4 weeks 4 days old baby

I got fever today I cry a lot for that and this makes mom and dad a bit confused what to do.

Dad think I should go to pediatrician for checking up and getting medical treatment.

Mom, however, disagree. She think a baby who got fever or flu should not be brought to doctor before we wait for 24 hours.

Dad agrees with that he seems even glad to hear that because he actually is waiting for Telkomsel surveyor from Kepanjen who is supposed to come today to decide if dad is eligible to get approval in subscribing internet connection from Kartu Halo Flash pascabayar (postpaid)

Dad even phones Telkomsel Grapari Kepanjen to make sure why the surveyor has yet to arrive at our home.

Hours later, around 2 pm the surveyor comes. And around 7 pm the technician from Telkomsel comes. Around 8 pm, dad has got a new internet connection. He's happy to have connected again to outside world. I also am happy to be able to blog again here.

Sunday without Internet Connection

Day 150 / 4 months 4 weeks 3 days old baby

The Speedy connection outage is yet to be repaired by Telkom company and we still face difficulty to stay online.

Dad plans to go to Smart telcom to reconnect its internet connection.

Meanwhile, we are waiting to Telkomsel surveyor which supposed to come tomorrow to us.

As I wrote, dad plans to connect to Telkomsel internet using Kartu Halo Flash with unlimited package.

Dad wants to try the basic unlimited package first before going further with the higher package ie paket pro.

As dad has meet up program in the afternoon with the santri, we stay at home all day.

Mom is reading books while breastfeeding me every now and then. Glad to be a baby like me, dont you think?

Telkomsel Halo Pasca Bayar Unlimited

Day 149 / 4 months 4 weeks 2 days old baby

Today the internet situation is precisely like yesterday and before yesterday that is no connection. The Telkom Speedy employee still not fix the problem yet.

As the occurrence happens repeatedly within these two weeks which distract dad's activity a lot, he finally decides to register for another internet connection.

After some survey he decides to use Telkomsel Kartu Halo Pascabayar (postpaid). He goes to Grapari Telkomsel in Kepanjen to sign-up and purchase the card. It will cost only IDR 120,000 / month or around USD 12 dollar. It's cheap and more important it's unlimited. The speed is 225 kbps for the lowest package. The highest is upto 1 mbps which you can change to it after one month activation.

The connection will be active after the surveyor come to our house to make sure if the address dad has given is true.

If anything goes well, the connection will be started on Monday.

From that on, I think dad will no longer push the panic button everytime the Speedy connection interrupted by the telkom cable thief. Dad will still keep the Speedy connection unless the distraction happen so often.

Oh one more thing, five days from now, I'll be five month old baby. Another important landmark for me.

Bringing Gramma to Doctor Andi Nashrullah

Friday, Day 148 / 4 months 4 weeks 1 day old baby

This morning kholah Suva suddenly calls mom saying that gramma needs to go to Dokter Andi Nasrullah Malang. It's the second day without Speedy connection -- the stolen Telkom cable has yet to be fixed may be the Telkom employees feel so tired to see the cable stolen in night just after they repace the new one in the day. We again have to go online via warnet (internet cafe)

Gramma needs dad and mom to bring her there.

So, we all go to Malang in the morning (around 6.30 am).

Doctor Andi is gramma's favorite doctor. She's not feeling sure and secure if she's treated by any doctor other than Dokter Andi.

Dokter Andi is a Chinese Indonesia. From his last name, Nashrullah, you'll be guessing that he has converted to Islam. You 're right.

He's a Muslim. Nevertheless, his patients are from various backgrounds from Pak Haji to Chinese Indonesians all come in flock and in long queue every morning.

Wish gramma's well soon. Amen.

Some photos of doctor Andi Nashrullah's office

Soto Lamongan in Oro-oro Dowo where we always eating out whenever we are in downtown Malang

Bro Helmi Goes to Madura

Wednesday, Day 147 / 4 months 4 weeks old baby who is blogging his daily notes on himself here. Today, the Telkom cable that enable the Speedy connection is stolen once again. Dad, mom and I cannot connect to internet in my house. It's the third occurrence in two weeks!

Kak Helmi[1] my cousin and his parent that is Man Ali[2] and Bik Luth[2] go to Madura today to attend Bik Juwairiyah's brother's wedding party.

May be Kak Helmi just want to see the Jembatan Suramadu too.

Jembatan Suramadu is the longest bridge in Indonesia with around 5.5 km long connecting Surabaya and Madura island the place where my dad's forefather belongs.

I and mom actually plan to stay at gramma's house tonight. But Bik Luth and Man Ali's trip to Madura prevent mom to do that. She's the only grown-up women in our big family in Karangsuko. She's to stay here if everyone goes.

Dad is excited to hear that. He's happy that mom has the sense of responsibility to keep the big house under everyone guardianship.
[1] "Kak" means elder brother. Uncommon term in English
[2] "Man" stands for uncle.
[3] "Bik" or bulik, or bude stands for aunt in Javanese.

Gramma Swollen Right Foot

Wednesday, Day 146 / 4 months 3 weeks and 6 days old baby who is blogging his daily notes on himself

I am a bit late to write a post today because mom is busy visiting gramma who are sick.

Gramma's right foot is swollen after she scratch it. I dont know the exact reason.

Was it a diabetes?

Aunt Luthfiyah doesn't think so. Other desease may contribute to this swollen thing.

Wish her well soon.